Birdy Soft


Japanese Company
a.k.a. バーディソフト
Official website - VNStat

Spawned: Mediabox Co., Ltd., Studio Twinkle
Originated from: Kirara



1990-06-13Rouge ~Manatsu no Kuchibeni~(developer, publisher)
1990-06-1318+   Rouge ~Manatsu no Kuchibeni~developer, publisher
1990-0818+   Rouge ~Manatsu no Kuchibeni~developer, publisher
1990-0818+   Rouge ~Manatsu no Kuchibeni~developer, publisher
1990-06-22PAL ~Wonder Trip! Chizuru~(developer, publisher)
1990-06-2218+   PAL ~Wonder Trip! Chizuru~developer, publisher
1994-10-2818+   CAL 1 & 2 + PAL Revivaldeveloper, publisher
1990-08-10PIAS(developer, publisher)
1990-08-1018+   PIASdeveloper, publisher
1990-08-1018+   PIAS ~Hikisakareta Seishun~developer, publisher
1990-10-2418+   PIAS ~Hikisakareta Seishun~developer, publisher
199118+   PIAS ~Hikisakareta Seishun~developer, publisher
1990-12Beast ~Injuu no Yakata~(developer, publisher)
1990-1218+   Beast ~Injuu no Yakata~developer, publisher
1991-09-2118+   Beast ~Injuu no Yakata~developer, publisher
199118+   Beast ~Injuu no Yakata~developer, publisher
1995-08-0818+   Beast Revival Limited Editiondeveloper, publisher
1990-12CAL(developer, publisher)
1990-1218+   CALdeveloper, publisher
1991-01-1218+   CALdeveloper, publisher
199118+   CALdeveloper, publisher
1992-1118+   CAL TOWNSdeveloper, publisher
1994-10-2818+   CAL 1 & 2 + PAL Revivaldeveloper, publisher
1991-03-10Thanatos(developer, publisher)
1991-03-1018+   Thanatosdeveloper, publisher
1991-04-0918+   Thanatosdeveloper, publisher
199118+   Thanatosdeveloper, publisher
1992-03-1018+   Thanatosdeveloper, publisher
1991-04-10CAL II(developer, publisher)
1991-04-1018+   CAL IIdeveloper, publisher
1991-04-2018+   CAL IIdeveloper, publisher
1991-11-0818+   CAL IIdeveloper, publisher
1992-1118+   CAL TOWNSdeveloper, publisher
1993-03-3118+   CAL IIdeveloper1 
1994-10-2818+   CAL 1 & 2 + PAL Revivaldeveloper, publisher
1991-07-12Artemis(developer, publisher)
1991-07-1218+   Artemisdeveloper, publisher
1991-07-2518+   Artemisdeveloper, publisher
1991-09-05Joker(developer, publisher)
1991-09-0518+   Jokerdeveloper, publisher
1991-12-0618+   Jokerdeveloper, publisher
1992-01-1418+   Jokerdeveloper, publisher
1992-0718+   Joker TOWNSdeveloper, publisher
1991-12-13Birdy World(developer, publisher)
1991-12-1318+   Birdy Worlddeveloper, publisher
1992-01-1518+   Birdy Worlddeveloper, publisher
199218+   Birdy Worlddeveloper, publisher
1991-12-27Beast 2(developer, publisher)
1991-12-2718+   Beast 2developer, publisher
1992-06-1018+   Beast 2developer, publisher
199218+   Beast 2developer, publisher
1992-02-14Joker II(developer, publisher)
1992-02-1418+   Joker IIdeveloper, publisher
1992-03-2018+   Joker IIdeveloper, publisher
1992-0718+   Joker TOWNSdeveloper, publisher
1992-09-0418+   Joker IIdeveloper, publisher
1992-09-10My Eyes!(developer, publisher)
1992-09-10All ages   My Eyes!developer, publisher
1992-09-10All ages   My Eyes!developer, publisher
1992-11All ages   My Eyes!developer, publisher
1993-01Beast 3(publisher)
1993-0118+   Beast 3publisher
1994-0318+   Beast 3publisher
1993-07-10CAL III: Kanketsuhen(developer, publisher)
1993-07-1018+   CAL III: Kanketsuhendeveloper, publisher
1993-0718+   CAL III: Kanketsuhendeveloper, publisher
1994-03-25   CAL III: Kanketsuhendeveloper
1993-07-24Cal Gaiden - Tiny Steps Behind The Cal(developer, publisher)
1993-07-2418+   Cal Gaiden - Tiny Steps Behind The Caldeveloper, publisher
1993-0918+   Cal Gaiden - Tiny Steps Behind The Caldeveloper, publisher
1993-12-13Maten Gakuen ~Jigoku no Love Love Daisakusen~(developer, publisher)
1993-12-1318+   Maten Gakuen ~Jigoku no Love Love Daisakusen~developer, publisher
1996-01-23Snow Memory(developer, publisher)
1996-01-2318+   Snow Memorydeveloper, publisher
1996-02-2318+   Snow Memorydeveloper, publisher
1996-05-2418+   Snow Memorydeveloper1 
2002-08-02Beast 21 ~Ryoujoku no Yakata~(developer, publisher)
2002-08-0218+   Beast 21 ~Ryoujoku no Yakata~developer, publisher1 
2007-07-0418+   Beast 21 ~Ryoujoku no Yakata~ Download Editiondeveloper, publisher