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a.k.a. キー
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Originated from: Tactics
Parent producer: Visual Art's

Key is a Japanese visual novel studio which formed on July 21, 1998 as a brand under the publisher Visual Art's and is located in Kita, Osaka, Japan. Key released their debut visual novel Kanon in June 1999, which combined an elaborate storyline, an up-to-date anime-style drawing style, and a musical score which helped to set the mood for the game. Key's second game Air released in September 2000 had a similar if not more complex storyline to Kanon and a more thorough gameplay. Both Kanon and Air were originally produced as adult games, but Key broke this trend with their third title Clannad which was released in April 2004 for all ages. Key has worked in the past with Interchannel and Prototype for the consumer port releases of the brand's games. Key collaborated with ASCII Media Works' Dengeki G's Magazine to produce the mixed media project Angel Beats!, which was produced into an anime TV series in 2010. The brand's ninth game Rewrite was released in June 2011, and a fan disc for the game titled Rewrite Harvest festa! was released in July 2012. The first volume in the six-part Angel Beats! episodic visual novel was released in June 2015.

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1999-06-04Kanon(developer, publisher)
1999-06-0418+   Kanon - Regular Editiondeveloper, publisher 
1999-06-0418+   Kanon - First Press Editiondeveloper, publisher 
2000-01-07All ages   Kanon - All Ages Editiondeveloper, publisher 
2000-09-14All ages   Kanondeveloper
2002-02-2812+   Kanondeveloper
2004-11-2618+   Kanon - Standard Editiondeveloper, publisher 
2004-12-2212+   Kanon - Best Editiondeveloper 
2005-01-28All ages   Kanon - Standard Edition (All Ages Edition)developer, publisher 
2007-02-1512+   Kanondeveloper 
2007-0515+  Kanondeveloper 
2009-07-3015+   Clannad - Key Trilogy Premium Boxdeveloper 
2009-07-31All ages   Key 10th Memorial BOXdeveloper, publisher 
2009-11-0912+   Kanon - Download Editiondeveloper 
2010-04-30All ages   Kanon - Memorial Editiondeveloper, publisher 
2011-11-30All ages   Kanondeveloper 
2011-12-1618+   Kanon ~Aso BD~developer 
2012-08-2418+   Kanondeveloper, publisher 
2013-04-0412+   Kanondeveloper 
2000-09-08Air(developer, publisher)
2000-09-0818+   Air - First Press Limited Editiondeveloper, publisher 
2001-07-1918+   Air - Regular Editiondeveloper, publisher 
2001-07-27All ages   Air - All Ages Editiondeveloper, publisher 
2001-09-2015+   Airpublisher
2002-08-0815+   Airpublisher
2005-04-0818+   Air - Standard Editiondeveloper, publisher 
2005-09-0115+   Air - Best Editionpublisher 
2007-05-0115+  Airdeveloper 
2007-11-2215+   Airpublisher 
2008-02-0515+  Airdeveloper 
2009-07-3015+   Clannad - Key Trilogy Premium Boxdeveloper 
2009-07-31All ages   Key 10th Memorial BOXdeveloper, publisher 
2010-05-28All ages   Air - Memorial Editiondeveloper, publisher 
2010-09-0215+   Air - Download Editiondeveloper 
2012-11-22All ages   Airdeveloper 
2013-05-0218+   Airdeveloper 
2013-05-0212+   Airdeveloper 
2016-09-0815+   Airdeveloper 
2004-04-28Clannad(developer, publisher)
2004-04-28All ages   Clannad - First Press Editiondeveloper, publisher 
2004-08-06All ages   Clannad - Regular Editiondeveloper, publisher 
2006-02-2315+   Clannaddeveloper 
2008-01-1615+  Clannaddeveloper 
2008-02-29All ages   Clannad Full Voicedeveloper, publisher 
2008-05-2915+   Clannaddeveloper 
2008-08-2815+   Clannaddeveloper 
2009-07-3015+   Clannad - Best Editiondeveloper 
2009-07-3015+   Clannad - Key Trilogy Premium Boxdeveloper 
2009-07-31All ages   Key 10th Memorial BOXdeveloper, publisher 
2010-05-28All ages   Clannad - Memorial Editiondeveloper, publisher 
2011-04-2115+   Clannaddeveloper 
2012-09-1816+   Clannaddeveloper 
2013-02-1415+   Clannad - Download Editiondeveloper 
2014-08-1415+   Clannaddeveloper 
2015-11-23All ages   Clannad - Steam Editiondeveloper 
2016-03-09All ages   Clannad - Kickstarter Limited Editiondeveloper 
2018-06-1415+    Clannaddeveloper 
2004-11-22Planetarian ~Chiisana Hoshi no Yume~(developer, publisher)
2004-11-22All ages   Planetarian ~Chiisana Hoshi no Yume~ Trial Editiondeveloper, publisher 
2004-11-29All ages   Planetarian ~Chiisana Hoshi no Yume~publisher 
2006-04-28All ages   Planetarian ~Chiisana Hoshi no Yume~ Regular Editionpublisher 
2006-04-28All ages   Planetarian ~Chiisana Hoshi no Yume~ First Press Editionpublisher 
2006-08-24All ages   Planetarian ~Chiisana Hoshi no Yume~publisher 
2006-11-28All ages  Planetarian ~Chiisana Hoshi no Yume~developer 
2009-07-31All ages   Key 10th Memorial BOXdeveloper, publisher 
2009-08-24All ages   Planetarian ~Chiisana Hoshi no Yume~developer 
2010-04-30All ages   Planetarian ~Chiisana Hoshi no Yume~ Memorial Editiondeveloper, publisher 
2011-05-12All ages   Planetarian ~Chiisana Hoshi no Yume~ Special Edition for Tohoku Earthquakedeveloper 
2011-11-3012+    Planetarian ~Chiisana Hoshi no Yume~developer 
2011-11-30All ages   Planetarian ~Chiisana Hoshi no Yume~developer 
2015-06-20All ages   Planetarian ~the reverie of a little planet~ Package Editionpublisher
2016-07-29All ages   Planetarian HD Editiondeveloper, publisher 
2017-05-08   planetarian HDdeveloper 
2017-07-26    planetarian HDdeveloper 
2018-01-31    planetarian HDdeveloper 
2018-06-14All ages   Xingzhimeng ~Planetarian~ HD editiondeveloper 
2018-11-14      planetarian HDdeveloper 
2019-01-31All ages      Planetarian ~Chiisana Hoshi no Yume~developer 
2005-10-03Tomoyo After ~It's a Wonderful Life~(developer, publisher)
2005-10-03All ages   Tomoyo After ~It's a Wonderful Life~ Trial Editionpublisher 
2005-11-2518+   Tomoyo After ~It's a Wonderful Life~ First Press Special Editiondeveloper, publisher 
2007-01-2512+   Tomoyo After ~It's a Wonderful Life~ CS Editionpublisher 
2008-06-02All ages  Tomoyo After ~It's a Wonderful Life~developer
2009-03-1912+   Tomoyo After~It's Wonderful Life~ CS Editionpublisher 
2009-07-31All ages   Key 10th Memorial BOXdeveloper, publisher 
2010-04-30All ages   Tomoyo After ~It's a Wonderful Life~ Memorial Editiondeveloper, publisher 
2010-09-2212+   Tomoyo After ~It’s a Wonderful Life~ CS Editiondeveloper 
2012-07-2912+   Tomoyo After ~It’s a Wonderful Life~ CS Editiondeveloper 
2013-02-27All ages   Tomoyo After~It's Wonderful Life~ CS Editiondeveloper 
2013-05-2912+   Tomoyo After~It's Wonderful Life~ CS Edition - Download Editiondeveloper 
2014-09-2618+   Tomoyo After ~It's a Wonderful Life~ Perfect Editiondeveloper, publisher 
2007-06-04Little Busters!(developer, publisher)
2007-06-04All ages   Little Busters! - Trial Editionpublisher 
2007-07-27All ages   Little Busters! - First Press Limited Editiondeveloper, publisher 
2007-09-28All ages   Little Busters! - Regular Editiondeveloper, publisher 
2008-07-2518+   Little Busters! Ecstasy - First Press Limited Editionpublisher 
2008-09-2618+   Little Busters! Ecstasy - Regular Editionpublisher 
2009-07-31All ages   Key 10th Memorial BOXdeveloper, publisher 
2009-12-2412+   Little Busters! Converted Editiondeveloper 
2010-11-2512+   Little Busters! Converted Editiondeveloper 
2012-03-2212+   Little Busters! Converted Editiondeveloper 
2012-11-30All ages   Little Busters! Perfect Edition - TV Anime Commemorative Editiondeveloper, publisher 
2013-03-2012+   Little Busters! Converted Editiondeveloper 
2013-05-2912+   Little Busters! Converted Edition - Download Editiondeveloper 
2013-10-1118+   Little Busters! Ecstasy - Download Editionpublisher 
2010-06-03Clannad - Hikari Mimamoru Sakamichi de(developer)
2010-06-0312+   Clannad - Hikari Mimamoru Sakamichi de First Volumedeveloper 
2010-07-1512+   Clannad - Hikari Mimamoru Sakamichi de Last Volumedeveloper 
2014-04-2215+   Clannad - Hikari Mimamoru Sakamichi de First Volumedeveloper 
2014-04-2315+   Clannad - Hikari Mimamoru Sakamichi de Last Volumedeveloper 
2010-06-25Kud Wafter(developer, publisher)
2010-06-2518+   Kud Wafter - First Press Limited Editiondeveloper, publisher 
2013-01-3118+   Kud Wafterdeveloper 
2013-03-2918+   Kud Wafter Aso BDdeveloper 
2013-05-0915+   Kud Wafter - Converted Editiondeveloper 
2013-06-28All ages   Kud Wafter - All Ages Editiondeveloper, publisher 
2013-10-1118+   Kud Wafter - Download Editiondeveloper, publisher 
2013-12-1915+   Kud Wafter - Converted Editiondeveloper 
2010-06-25Rewrite(developer, publisher)
2010-06-25All ages   Rewrite - Trial Editiondeveloper, publisher 
2011-03-26All ages   Rewrite - Trial Edition Ver. 2.00developer, publisher 
2011-06-24All ages   Rewrite - First Press Limited Editiondeveloper, publisher 
2011-09-30All ages   Rewrite - Regular Editiondeveloper, publisher 
2014-04-1715+   Rewritedeveloper 
2014-08-2815+   Rewritedeveloper 
2015-02-1115+   Rewritedeveloper 
2016-07-29All ages   Rewrite+developer, publisher 
2017-03-2315+   Rewritedeveloper 
2011-11-30Hoshi no Hito ~Planetarian Side Story~(developer)
2011-11-30All ages   Hoshi no Hito ~Planetarian Side Story~developer 
2011-11-30All ages   Hoshi no Hito ~Planetarian Side Story~developer 
2012-07-27Rewrite Harvest festa!(developer, publisher)
2012-07-2715+   Rewrite Harvest festa! - First Press Limited Editiondeveloper, publisher 
2016-07-29All ages   Rewrite+developer, publisher 
2017-05-1815+   Rewrite Harvest festa!developer 
2012-10-29Little Busters! SS(developer)
2012-10-29All ages   Little Busters!SS Vol. 01developer 
2012-12-03All ages   Little Busters!SS Vol. 01 One Day, fine Daydeveloper 
2012-12-03All ages   Little Busters!SS Vol. 02developer 
2012-12-03All ages   Little Busters!SS Vol. 02 Little Busters Kansatsu Nikkideveloper 
2013-01-07All ages   Little Busters!SS Vol. 03developer 
2013-01-07All ages   Little Busters!SS Vol. 03 Aru Ame no Hi no Kotodeveloper 
2013-02-12All ages   Little Busters!SS Vol. 04developer 
2013-02-12All ages   Little Busters!SS Vol. 04 A Snowy Daydeveloper 
2013-03-07All ages   Little Busters!SS Vol. 05developer 
2013-03-07All ages   Little Busters!SS Vol. 05 Shiawase Hitotsu to Aoi Torideveloper 
2014-01-29Nishizono Mio Misshitsu Satsujin Jiken?(developer, publisher)
2014-01-29All ages   Nishizono Mio Misshitsu Satsujin Jiken?developer, publisher 
2015-05-02Angel Beats!(developer, publisher)
2015-05-02All ages   Angel Beats! -1st beat- Trial Edition Ver. 1.00developer, publisher
2015-05-15All ages   Angel Beats! -1st beat- Trial Edition Ver. 1.10developer, publisher 
2015-06-26All ages   Angel Beats! -1st beat- First Press Editiondeveloper, publisher 
2015-10-09All ages   Angel Beats! -1st beat- Download Editiondeveloper, publisher 
2016-09-23Harmonia(developer, publisher)
2016-09-23All ages   Harmoniadeveloper 
2016-12-29All ages   Harmoniadeveloper, publisher 
2017-05-26All ages   Harmonia - First Press Limited Editiondeveloper 
2019-04-26All ages   Harmonia - Regular Editiondeveloper 
2016-12-21Rewrite: Oka-ken Katsudou Kiroku Gaiden(developer, publisher)
2016-12-21All ages   Rewrite Side Story vol.1: Oka-ken Katsudou Kiroku Gaiden - First Partdeveloper, publisher 
2017-04-26All ages   Rewrite Side Story vol.2: Oka-ken Katsudou Kiroku Gaiden - Second Partdeveloper, publisher 
2017-09-27Rewrite: Cradles Tale(developer, publisher)
2017-09-27All ages   Rewrite: Cradles Taledeveloper, publisher 
2018-04-25Summer Pockets(developer, publisher)
2018-04-25All ages   Summer Pockets - Trial Editiondeveloper, publisher 
2018-06-29All ages   Summer Pockets - First Press Limited Editiondeveloper, publisher 
2018-07-25All ages   Summer Pockets - Download Editiondeveloper, publisher 
2018-12-1915+   Summer Pocketsdeveloper 
2019-06-2015+   Summer Pocketsdeveloper