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AIC Spirits


Primary language: Japanese
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AIC Spirits is a brand of the anime production company Anime International Co. (AIC).


Aa! Megami-sama!
1993-03-20Aa! Megami-sama!Dev
Tenchi Muyou! - Ryououki
1994-11-11All agesTenchi Muyou! - RyououkiDev
1995-05-26Tenchi Muyou! - RyououkiDev
1996-07-12Tenchi Muyou! - Ryououki FXDev
Magical Girl Pretty Sammy Zenpen
1995-12-08All agesMagical Girl Pretty Sammy ZenpenPub
1995All agesMagical Girl Pretty Sammy ZenpenPub
Magical Girl Pretty Sammy Kouhen
1996-02-23All agesMagical Girl Pretty Sammy KouhenPub
Shinpi no Sekai El-Hazard
1996-03-22All agesShinpi no Sekai El-HazardPub