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NTT Solmare Corporation


Primary language: Japanese
a.k.a. NTTソルマーレ株式会社, NTT Solmare, Solmare
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Producer of mobile games.
Produces mobile otome games under the "Shall we date?" label.


Himegimi Koi Hana Emaki
2011-02-15Himegimi Koi Hana EmakiPub & Dev
2011-06-20Himegimi Koi Hana EmakiPub & Dev
Koi Ninja Sengoku Emaki
2011-08-25Koi Ninja Sengoku EmakiPub & Dev
2011-09-13Shall we date?: Ninja Love HDPub & Dev
2011-10-0712+Koi Ninja Sengoku EmakiPub & Dev
2011-12-05Koi Ninja ◎ Sengoku Emaki ★Dev
2012-06-01Koi Ninja ◎ Sengoku Emaki ★Dev
2012-07-12Shall we date?: Ninja Love for GREEPub & Dev
2012-07-17Shall We Date?: Ninja Love FREEPub & Dev
2012-07-17Koi Ninja Sengoku EmakiPub & Dev
2013-11-28Shall we date?: Ninja Love+Pub & Dev
2014-02-04Shall we date?: Koi Ninja Sengoku Emaki+Pub & Dev
2014-02-10Shall we date?: NinjauiyuhokPub & Dev
2014-02-10Shall we date?: Koi Ninja Sengoku Emaki+Pub & Dev
2014-02-14Shall we date?: NinjauiyuhokPub & Dev
Doki x2★ Konkatsu Party
2011-09-20Doki x2★ Konkatsu PartyPub & Dev
2011-11-16Doki x2★ Konkatsu PartyPub & Dev
Ouji-sama Amai Rakuen
2011-10-1112+Ouji-sama Amai RakuenPub & Dev
2011-12-01Ouji-sama Amai RakuenPub & Dev
2013-09-26MySweetPrince+Pub & Dev
Koiseyo! Engeki★Danshi
2011-10-19Koiseyo! Engeki★DanshiPub & Dev
2011-12-15Koiseyo! Engeki★DanshiPub & Dev
Koiseyo! Hatsukoi Danshi ~Tokimeki ☆ Gakuen LOVE~
2011-12-20Koiseyo! Hatsukoi Danshi ~Tokimeki ☆ Gakuen LOVE~Pub & Dev
Haitoku Kobamenai Yoru
2012-01-23Haitoku Kobamenai YoruPub & Dev
2013-12-0212+Shall we date?: Can't Say NoPub & Dev
Koi Ninja ~Ai to Yokubou no Heian Ranbu~
2012-12Koi Ninja ~Ai to Yokubou no Heian Ranbu~Pub & Dev
2013-07-23Destiny NinjaPub & Dev
Memories Can't Wait
2013-10-0817+In Love: Memories Can’t WaitPub & Dev
Mononoke Kiss
2013-11-11Shall we date?: Mononoke KissPub & Dev
2013-11-21Shall we date?: Mononoke KissPub & Dev
2014-03-3110+Shall we date?: Mononoke Kiss+Pub & Dev
2014-04-1512+Shall we date?: Mononoke Kiss+Pub & Dev
2018-12-2012+Mononoke KissPub & Dev
Magic Sword: Knight of Fortune with the Excalibur
2013-11-28Shall we date?: Magic SwordPub & Dev
2014-05-29Magic Sword+Pub & Dev
Angel or Devil -Can we fall in Love in 7 days?-
2013-12-1812+Shall we date?: Angel or DevilPub & Dev
2014-05-1312+Shall we date?: Angel or Devil+Pub & Dev
My Fairy Tales -Meet the Prince Charming-
2013-12-25AllShall we date?: My Fairy TalesPub & Dev
2014-07-3012+Shall we date?: My Fairy Tales+Pub & Dev
Hero in Love -My Supernatural Lover-
2013-12-25Shall we date?: Hero in LovePub
Mononoke Kiss x Lost Island
2014-03-3110+Shall we date?: Mononoke Kiss+Pub & Dev
2014-04-1512+Shall we date?: Mononoke Kiss+Pub & Dev
2019-06-2412+Mononoke Kiss x Lost IslandPub & Dev
Never Look Back: Yomi, the Underworld
2014-04-0712+Shall we date?: Never Look BackPub & Dev
Shirahana no Ori ~Hiiro no Kakera 4~
2014-06-19Shall we date?: Scarlet Fate+ ~Fragments of the Past~Pub
2014-06-20Shall we date?: Scarlet Fate+ ~Fragments of the Past~Pub
Ninja Assassin+
2014-06-2712+Shall we date?: Ninja Assassin+Pub
2019-03-2112+Ninja AssassinPub & Dev
Lost Island
2014-07-177+Lost Island+Pub & Dev
2014Shall we date?: Lost IslandPub
2015-0812+Shall we date?: Lost IslandPub & Dev
2018-12-2012+Lost IslandPub & Dev
2014-10-19AllShall we date?: THE NIFLHEIM+Pub & Dev
2018-12-2012+THE NIFLHEIMPub & Dev
Guilty Alice -Finding Love in Wonderland-
2014-12-0212+Shall we date?: Guilty AlicePub & Dev
2019-04-23Guilty AlicePub & Dev
Wizardess Heart+: Gedonelune Royal Magic Academy
2014-12-1612+Shall we date?: Wizardess Heart+Pub & Dev
2015-04-16Shall we date?: Wizardess Heart+Pub & Dev
2018-06-1912+Wizardess Heart+: Gedonelune Royal Magic AcademyPub & Dev
Blood in Roses+
2015-04-2012+Shall we date?: Blood in Roses+Pub & Dev
2015-07-14Shall we date?: Blood in Roses+Pub & Dev
2018-06-1912+Blood in Roses+Pub & Dev
Castle Break
2015-04-2712+Shall we date?: Castle BreakPub & Dev
Toki no Kizuna Sekigahara Kitan
2015-06-08AllShall we Date?: Demons’ Bond - The Path of Exile -Pub
Destiny Ninja 2+
2015-08-3112+Destiny Ninja 2 / Shall we date?Pub & Dev
2015-11-19Shall we date?: Destiny Ninja 2+Pub & Dev
Shirahana no Ori ~Hiiro no Kakera 4~ Shiki no Uta
2015-11-2512+Shall we Date?: Scarlet Fate II ~Seasons of Love~Pub
Love Tangle
2015-12-1412+Love Tangle / Shall we date?Pub & Dev
2016-04-27Shall we date? Love Tangle: Finding my Better HalfPub & Dev
2018-06-1912+Love Tangle+: Finding My Better HalfPub & Dev
War of Prayers: Inori no Otome
2015-12-20AllShall we date?: War of Prayers: Inori no OtomePub & Dev
2016-12-05Keuliseutal PeulinseseuDev
Arabian Dreams: Wildest Tales in Starry Nights
2016-02-1212+Shall we date? Arabian Dreams -Wildest Tales in Starry Nights-Pub & Dev
Koisuru Kaizoku Legend
2016-02-2912+Pirates / Shall we date?Pub
2016-03-2412+Oz+ / Shall we date?Pub & Dev
2016-04-06Shall we date?: Oz+Pub & Dev
Nise no Chigiri
2016-05-1212+Shall we date? Eternal Vows -Love beyond time-Pub
Ninja Shadow: Her One and Only Love
2016-06-1213+Shall we date?: Ninja Shadow -Her One and Only Love-Pub & Dev
2018-06-1912+Ninja Shadow: Her One and Only LovePub & Dev
Guard Me, Sherlock!
2016-09-0413+Guard me, Sherlock! / Shall we?Pub & Dev
2018-06-1912+Guard me, Sherlock!Pub & Dev
Princess Arthur
2016-09-2913+Princess ArthurPub
2016-09-2912+Princess ArthurPub
Byakko Tai: Shishi Ibunki
2016-11-0913+Teen Samurai -I'll be Back, my Love-Pub
2016-11-0912+Teen Samurai -I'll be Back, my Love-Pub
Lost Alice: Destined Lovers in Wonderland
2016-12-0513+Shall we date? Lost Alice: Destined Lovers in WonderlandPub & Dev
2016-12-0512+Lost Alice / Shall we date?Pub & Dev
2016-12-0512+Shall we date? Lost Alice: Destined Lovers in WonderlandPub & Dev
2018-06-1912+Lost Alice: Destined Lovers in WonderlandPub & Dev
2019-07-0112+Lost AlicePub & Dev
Moe Ninja Girls
2016-12-1913+Moe! Ninja Girls / Sexy Happenings at Ninja SchoolPub & Dev
2016-12-1917+Moe! Ninja Girls: Visual NovelPub & Dev
2016-12-19Moe! Ninja GirlsPub & Dev
2019-02-27Moe! Ninja GirlsPub & Dev
Iza, Shutsujin! Koi Ikusa Dai Ni Maku
2017-03-2312+Shall we date?: Sengoku Darling -Choose your Destination-Pub
Modern Cinderella
2017-04-18AllShall we date? Modern CinderellaPub & Dev
2017-04-1812+Modern Cinderella / Shall we?Pub & Dev
2017-04-18AllShall we date? Modern CinderellaPub & Dev
We the Girls+
2017-10-0312+Shall we date?: We the Girls+Pub & Dev
2018-09-3012+We the Girls~The Little Mermaid~Pub & Dev
2018-10-2412+We the Girls~Snow White~Pub & Dev
2018-1012+We the Girls~Aladdin and the Magic Lamp~Pub & Dev
2018-11-1812+We the Girls~Rapunzel~Pub & Dev
#Campus Hacker
2018-02-2012+#Campus HackerPub & Dev
Hit the Floor!
2018-02-2012+Hit the Floor!Pub & Dev
Untold Darkness
2018-02-2012+Untold DarknessPub & Dev
Year Book 1
2018-02-2012+Year Book 1Pub & Dev
Untold Darkness: The Past
2018-02-2812+Untold Darkness: The PastPub & Dev
Hit the Floor! Second
2018-03-0112+Hit the Floor! SecondPub & Dev
Year Book 2
2018-03-0212+Year Book 2Pub & Dev
Past Calling
2018-0412+Past CallingPub & Dev
Smart Girls
2018-0512+Smart GirlsPub & Dev
Alex from Untold Darkness -The Ring-
2018-06-1512+Alex from Untold Darkness -The Ring-Pub & Dev
The Lost Princess
2018-06-1712+The Lost PrincessPub & Dev
2018-07-1812+BittersweetPub & Dev
Hit the Floor! Third
2018-07-3012+Hit the Floor! ThirdPub & Dev
Smart Girls Book 2
2018-08-0612+Smart Girls Book 2Pub & Dev
Guardian Angel
2018-08-1912+Guardian AngelPub & Dev
Down By the Lake
2018-08-2412+Down by the LakePub & Dev
Written in the Stars
2018-09-1612+Written in the StarsPub & Dev
Babysitter Wanted
2018-09-2112+Babysitter WantedPub & Dev
Fantastic Space
2018-10-0812+Fantastic SpacePub & Dev
Nine Lives
2018-11-0512+Nine LivesPub & Dev
Only If...
2018-11-0912+Only If...Pub & Dev
Smart Girls Book 3
2018-11-1912+Smart Girls Book 3Pub & Dev
2018-12-0512+InheritancePub & Dev
Pretty Awesome
2018-12-2012+Pretty AwesomePub & Dev
Become Elite
2018-12-2012+Become ElitePub & Dev
Smart Girls: Love Conundrum
2018-12-2112+Smart Girls: Love ConundrumPub & Dev
Untold Darkness: The Curse
2018-12-2712+Untold Darkness: The CursePub & Dev
Niflheim Academy
2019-01-2212+Niflheim AcademyPub & Dev
Wand of Fortune
2019-02-0512+Wand of FortunePub
2019-02-0512+Wand of Fortune: A Waterful Day!Pub
2019-02-0512+Wand of Fortune: Forever With YouPub
Moujuutsukai to Ouji-sama
2019-02-2612+Beastmaster and PrincesPub
Moujuutsukai to Ouji-sama ~Snow Bride~
2019-04-1512+Beastmaster and Princes: After StoryPub
2019-04-3012+Beastmaster and Princes: Franz's DiaryPub
2019-04-3012+Beastmaster and Princes: Side StoryPub
2019-06-0112+Beastmaster and Princes: Date StoryPub
2019-06-1712+Beastmaster and Princes: Nightlight FestivalPub
2019-09-1412+Beastmaster and Princes: After Story w/ Japanese Voice ActingPub
The Last Sacrifice -Blood King's Desire-
2019-05-2112+The Last Sacrifice -Blood King's Desire-Pub & Dev
2019-12-0812+[Deluxe Ver.] The Last Sacrifice -Blood King's Desire-Pub & Dev
Love, Mafia -Dawn of the Don-
2019-06-1212+Love, Mafia -Dawn of the Don-Pub & Dev
Wand of Fortune ~Mirai e no Prologue~
2019-08-0312+Wand of Fortune: Edgar's Magical Magnifying GlassPub
2019-09-0612+Wand of Fortune: Cynthia's MelancholyPub
The Last Sacrifice -Forbidden Ties-
2019-08-1012+The Last Sacrifice -Forbidden Ties-Pub & Dev
Moujuu-tachi to Ohime-sama
2019-08-1112+Beast and PrincessPub
Love, Mafia -My Signore-
2019-08-2012+Love, Mafia -My Signore-Pub & Dev
2019-10-2512+NULL;Pub & Dev
Unlikely Partners
2019-11-1812+Unlikely PartnersPub & Dev
2019-11-1812+BrowniePub & Dev
The World or You
2019-11-1812+The World or YouPub & Dev
2020-03-1412+The World or YouPub & Dev
Visions of Peace
2019-11-1812+Visions of PeacePub & Dev
Obey Me!
2019-12-1112+Obey Me! #Shall we date?Pub & Dev
2021-10-27Fucong Wo! Dongman Fengge Yinu xiang Lian'ai Moni YouxiDev
The Last Sacrifice -Blood King's Beloved-
2019-12-2312+The Last Sacrifice -Blood King’s Beloved-Pub & Dev
2020-01-1912+RewindPub & Dev
The Last Sacrifice -A King's Past-
2020-01-1912+The Last Sacrifice -A King's Past-Pub & Dev
The Last Sacrifice -Blood King's Treasure-
2020-03-1912+The Last Sacrifice -Blood King's Treasure-Pub & Dev
Obey Me! Nightbringer
2023-04-2312+Obey Me! NightbringerPub & Dev