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p27.252019-03-02 at 12:32miranminoriEdit info.
p27.242019-03-01 at 00:30dk382minoriWhile we're editing the hell out of this, more grammar fixes.
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p27.222019-02-28 at 08:21paragon4696minoriGrammar fix
p27.212019-02-28 at 08:20707minoriwelp
p27.202019-02-28 at 08:20707minorihmm
p27.192019-02-28 at 08:19707minori..
p27.182019-02-28 at 07:48eacilminorilink to the farewell letter, require a proxy
p27.172019-02-28 at 07:44eacilminoriminori is dead
p27.162018-10-23 at 20:12kominaraminorigrammar fix
p27.152018-10-23 at 20:12lomachellominoriEdit info.
p27.142018-10-23 at 19:38kominaraminoriShinkai stopped doing opening videos for minori over a decade ago
p27.132018-10-21 at 22:40lomachellominoriEdit info.
p27.122018-07-14 at 15:51lomachellominoriSome minor orphographic and semantic changes in sentences.
p27.112017-03-11 at 11:32707minori..
p27.102014-08-09 at 20:56dk382minoriEdited description to be more accurate.
p27.92013-06-03 at 07:40mhsuneminoristylized
p27.82012-06-21 at 04:04nananaMinoriwiki
p27.72012-06-21 at 04:03nananaMinoriwiki
p27.62012-06-21 at 04:02nananaMinoriwiki
p27.52010-05-01 at 13:49yorhelMinoriActually, we don't need all that info. The Japanese name is already covered and so are their games. Reworded their origin a bit, hopefullly I got it
p27.42010-05-01 at 13:43sailorseanMinoriMinori (みのり?) is a Japanese visual novel company (previously the software division of CoMixWave until April 2007) which created the games Bittersweet
p27.32009-11-16 at 17:55izmosmolnarMinoriwiki
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