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Soyasushi Productions

Primary language: English
a.k.a. Coren Baili, CorenB, Coren, Soyasushi
Official website - VNStat

Spawned: Memento Mori Productions

An amateur visual novel and RPG creator. An individual named Coren Baili and volunteers.


Ribbon of Green
2012-04-27All agesRibbon of GreenPub & Dev
2013-05-12All agesRibbon of Green 1.1Pub & Dev
Crimson Rafflesia
2012-12-2415+Crimson Rafflesia Preliminary Demo 0.5Pub & Dev
2013-06-2215+Crimson Rafflesia Full Demo 1.0Pub & Dev
Doppelgänger: Dawn of the Inverted Souls
2013-01-1316+Doppelgänger: Dawn of the Inverted SoulsDev
RE: Prince of Nigeria
2013-02-24All agesRE: Prince of NigeriaPub & Dev
Six Rules
2014-03-0912+Six RulesPub & Dev
Mica: Apoptosis
2014-07-2014+Mica: Apoptosis Demo 1.0Pub & Dev
2015-12-3015+Mica: Apoptosis Chapter 3Pub & Dev
TBAMica: ApoptosisPub & Dev