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2004-01-31Wind -A Breath of Heart-(publisher)
2004-01-3118+   Wind -A Breath of Heart- Trial Edition (patch)publisher 
2006-06-2118+   Wind: A Breath of Heart Re:gratitude (patch)publisher
2005-06-01Haru no Ashioto(publisher)
2005-06-0118+   Haru no Ashioto - Trialpublisher 
2007-09-23ef - a fairy tale of the two.(publisher)
2007-09-23All ages   ef Supah Previewpublisher
2010-04-3018+   ef - a fairy tale of the two. (ef Lite)publisher
2007-09-23ef - First Fan Disc(publisher)
2007-09-23All ages   ef Supah Previewpublisher
2010-04-01Eden* They Were Only Two, On The Planet.(publisher)
2010-04-01All ages   Eden* They Were Only Two, On The Planetpublisher