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Träumendes Mädchen

Primary language: French
a.k.a. Traumendes Madchen
Official website - VNStat

Träumendes Mädchen is an indie team devoted to telling stories. We like them to be unusual, in all sort of genres, and we like to tell them in unusual ways. Despite the german name, we’re actually French.

In December 2015 they announced an end to their activities as a doujin group and that they will form as a commercial company under the same name.

[from Träumendes Mädchen's site]


Being Beauteous
2012-06-0412+Being BeauteousPub & Dev
2012-07-0212+Being BeauteousPub & Dev
2012-07-1912+Being BeauteousPub & Dev
2014-07-02Short Story CollectionPub & Dev
2014-08-2112+Being Beauteous RemakePub & Dev
2014-08-2212+Being BeauteousPub & Dev
2015-08-2812+Being Beauteous RemakePub & Dev
2015-09-09Being Beauteous RemakePub & Dev
Milk ~ La légende des étoiles
2013-02-2012+Milk Chapter 1 : Boy in DistressPub & Dev
2014-03-1915+Milk Chapter 2 : The Girl Who Fell to EarthPub & Dev
2014-07-0215+Milk Vol. 1: Vers I'Île de la TempêtePub & Dev
2014-09-2915+Milk Chapter 3 : The fantastic odysseyPub & Dev
2015-04-1415+Milk Chapter 4 : Before the stormPub & Dev
2015-11-0715+Milk Chapter 5 : Orpheus in the UnderworldPub & Dev
2013-04-0112+AmbrePub & Dev
2014-07-02Short Story CollectionPub & Dev
2014-08-2212+AmbrePub & Dev
2015-09-1613+AmbrePub & Dev
2017-06-0912+Ambre - Steam EditionPub & Dev
2017-07-0712+Ambre - Steam Edition v1.1Pub & Dev
2017-07-2812+Ambre - Steam Edition v1.2Pub & Dev
How Visual Novels Changed My Life
2014-04-0715+How visual novels changed my lifePub & Dev
2014-07-02Short Story CollectionPub & Dev
2015-09-23How Visual Novels Changed My LifePub & Dev
Garden of Oblivion
2014-08-26Garden of OblivionPub & Dev
2014-08-3012+Garden of Oblivion - versionPub & Dev
2015-07-02Between Heaven and HellPub & Dev
2015-10-07Garden of OblivionPub & Dev
2018-03-0912+Garden of Oblivion - Steam EditionPub
2018-03-1712+Garden of Oblivion - Steam EditionPub
Wounded by Words
2015-04-20Wounded by WordsPub & Dev
2015-05-0312+Wounded by Words - versionPub & Dev
2015-07-02Between Heaven and HellPub & Dev
2016-03-2212+Wounded by WordsPub & Dev
Chronotopia: Second Skin
2016-09-28Chronotopia - Kickstarter DemoPub
2016-10-03Chronotopia - DemoPub & Dev
2018-08-01Chronotopia - Kickstarter Demo V2Pub & Dev
2022-12-21Chronotopia - BetaPub & Dev
TBAChronotopia - Kickstarter Exclusive Physical Deluxe EditionPub & Dev
TBAChronotopia - Kickstarter Exclusive Physical Regular EditionPub & Dev