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Site was down in february 2019 and domain was sold to a legging company (???), it was later sold to various other companies. Update website to the latest usable snapshot. (December 29, 2018)

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in the air

Amateur group
Primary language: Japanese
Official website - VNStat


2004-12-30MimosaPub & Dev
Sakura Hitohira
2005-08-14Sakura Hitohira - First PartPub & Dev
2005-12-30Sakura Hitohira - ConclusionPub & Dev
2006-02-19Sakura Hitohira - EpiloguePub & Dev
Natsu no Torikago
2006-08-13All agesNatsu no TorikagoPub & Dev
2006-08All agesNatsu no Torikago - Trial EditionPub & Dev
Snow White Eclipse
2006All agesSnow White Eclipse #0Pub & Dev
2007-08-17All agesSnow White Eclipse #1Pub & Dev
2007-12-29All agesSnow White Eclipse #2Pub & Dev
2007-12-31All agesSnow White Eclipse #1 - Web Trial EditionPub & Dev
2008-08-16All agesSnow White Eclipse #3Pub & Dev
2011-09-16All agesSnow White EclipsePub & Dev
Chocolate Love
2007-02-19All agesChocolate LovePub & Dev
Paradise Lost
2009-02-14All agesParadise LostPub & Dev
Hisenkei Christmas Carol
2011-12-24Hisenkei Christmas CarolPub & Dev
Oukoku Douwa
2012-05-27All agesOukoku DouwaPub & Dev
Shibuya Warashibe Maid
2013-04-09Shibuya Warashibe MaidPub & Dev