Japanese Company
a.k.a. ジェリーフィッシュ
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Formerly: Umitsuki Production



1999-12-29Green ~Akizora no Screen~(developer, publisher)
1999-12-2918+   GREEN ~Akizora no Screen~developer, publisher 
2011-04-2818+   GREEN ~Akizora no Screen~ STANDARD EDITIONdeveloper, publisher
2011-09-3018+   GREEN ~Akizora no Screen~ STANDARD EDITION - Download Editiondeveloper, publisher
TBA18+   GREEN ~Akizora no Screen~ DVD EDITIONdeveloper, publisher 
2003-10-10Lovers ~Koi ni Ochitara...~(developer, publisher)
2003-10-1018+   Lovers ~Koi ni Ochitara...~developer, publisher 
2007-12-2818+   Lovers ~Koi ni Ochitara...~ Premium Packdeveloper, publisher 
2009-12-1118+   Lovers ~Koi ni Ochitara...~ Download Editiondeveloper, publisher 
2010-01-2918+   Lovers ~Koi ni Ochitara...~ UMD-PG Editiondeveloper 
2011-01-25Sisters ~Natsu no Saigo no Hi~(developer, publisher)
2011-01-2518+   Sisters ~Natsu no Saigo no Hi~ Trial Editionpublisher 
2011-04-2818+   Sisters ~Natsu no Saigo no Hi~ First Press Editiondeveloper, publisher 
2011-06-1018+   Sisters ~Natsu no Saigo no Hi~ Regular Editiondeveloper, publisher 
2011-10-0718+   Sisters ~Natsu no Saigo no Hi~ Download Editiondeveloper, publisher 
2013-02-2218+   Sisters ~Natsu no Saigo no Hi~ Ultra Editiondeveloper, publisher 
2014-11-1418+   Sisters ~Natsu no Saigo no Hi~ Ultra Edition - Download Editiondeveloper, publisher 
TBAI Virgin(developer, publisher)
TBA18+   I Virgindeveloper, publisher
TBABlack and White(developer, publisher)
TBA18+   Black and Whitedeveloper, publisher