Dutch Amateur group

Provides Dutch translations and helps developers with porting and publishing their games to Android devices.



2012-07-09Witch Spell(publisher)
2012-07-09All ages     Witch Spellpublisher 
2012-07-23All ages     Witch Spellpublisher 
2012-08-08Marijuana "The Truth"(publisher)
2012-08-0812+     Marijuana - De Waarheidpublisher 
2012-08-27    Marijuana - The Truthpublisher 
2012-12-01Heartful Chance~!(publisher)
2012-12-01All ages     Heartful Chance!publisher 
2012-12-03Nice Day(publisher)
2012-12-03All ages   Nice Day:Againpublisher 
2012-12-06Of Love and You(publisher)
2012-12-06   Of Love and Youpublisher 
2013-04-2116+     Locked-Inpublisher 
2015-08-1516+       Locked-Inpublisher 
2013-05-03Reaching Out(publisher)
2013-05-03   Reaching Outpublisher 
2013-05-20Sleepless Night(publisher)
2013-05-2013+          Sleepless Nightpublisher 
2013-07-05This is Where I Want to Die(publisher)
2013-07-05        This is Where I Want to Diepublisher 
2013-10-31Sleepless Night 2: Ladies' Night(mare)(publisher)
2013-10-3115+         Sleepless Night 2: Ladies' Nightmarepublisher 
2014-02-14Get Dumped ☆(publisher)
2014-02-14    Get Dumped ☆publisher 
2014-06-06All ages     Get Dumped ☆publisher 
2014-04-27Moonlight Walks(publisher)
2014-04-27All ages     Moonlight Walkspublisher 
2014-08-03     Hammerpublisher 
2014-10-10     Hammerpublisher