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Amateur group
Primary language: Japanese
Official website - VNStat

A doujinshi group comprised of individuals Awatani Lychee and Kyuuyo Sawaame.


Rakka Ten
2010-04-0115+Rakka TenPub & Dev
Cage -Open-
2011-08-1218+CAGE -OPEN-Pub & Dev
201118+CAGE -OPEN- Trial EditionPub & Dev
2013-05-1718+CAGE -OPEN- Download EditionPub & Dev
2014-05-0418+CAGE -OPEN- & -CLOSE-Pub & Dev
Cage -Zero-
2012-01-23CAGE -ZERO-Pub & Dev
Cage -Fool-
2012-04-01CAGE -FOOL-Pub & Dev
Cage -Close-
2012-08-1018+CAGE -CLOSE-Pub & Dev
2014-05-0418+CAGE -OPEN- & -CLOSE-Pub & Dev
Cage -School-
2014-02-04All agesCAGE-SCHOOL- Cool-B Original VersionPub & Dev
Cage -Another-
2020-01-26CAGE -ANOTHER-Pub & Dev
TBA18+PsychedelicPub & Dev
Caricature Camera
TBA18+Caricature CameraPub & Dev