Japanese Company
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Succeeded by: H.W.Lab
Originated from: Rit's Co., Ltd.
Parent brand: Fix Co Ltd



1994-07-15Blue Garnet(developer, publisher)
1994-07-1518+   Blue Garnetdeveloper, publisher
1999-06-2518+   Trush Memorial B&Pdeveloper, publisher
1994-10-28Gakuen Taimaden Reiko(developer, publisher)
1994-10-2818+   Gakuen Taimaden Reikodeveloper, publisher1 
1995-02-14Poison ~6 Nin no Majo~(developer, publisher)
1995-02-1418+   Poison ~6 Nin no Majo~developer, publisher
1999-06-2518+   Trush Memorial B&Pdeveloper, publisher
1995-05-12Monzetsu Fighter(developer, publisher)
1995-05-1218+   Monzetsu Fighterdeveloper, publisher1 
1997-07-0418+   Monzetsu Fighterdeveloper, publisher
1996-12-06Ranchou(developer, publisher)
1996-12-0618+   Ranchoudeveloper, publisher1 
1997-09-05Akuryou Gakuen Reiko(developer, publisher)
1997-09-0518+   Akuryou Gakuen Reikodeveloper, publisher1 
1997-11-28Mugen(developer, publisher)
1997-11-2818+   Mugendeveloper, publisher1 
2009-05-0118+   Mugen - Download Editiondeveloper, publisher
1998-02-27Shift!(developer, publisher)
1998-02-2718+   Shift!developer, publisher
1998-07-31Majo ni Naritai!(developer, publisher)
1998-07-3118+   Majo ni Naritai!developer, publisher
2002-07-1018+   To Be Witch Doki Doki Majo Shugyoudeveloper
2004-06-3018+   The Best!! To Be Witch Doki Doki Majo Shugyoudeveloper
1999-10-01Akuryou Gakuen Reiko 2 ~Himejima Tennyo Densetsu~(developer, publisher)
1999-10-0118+    Akuryou Gakuen Reiko 2 ~Himejima Tennyo Densetsu~developer, publisher1