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Spawned: Team mochalematazi



2012-04-01My Beautiful AI(developer, publisher)
2012-04-01All ages     My Beautiful AIdeveloper, publisher 
2012-04-01….Wait, What Did I Just Read?(developer, publisher)
2012-04-01     ….Wait, What Did I Just Read?developer, publisher 
2012-07-04That's the Way the Cookie Crumbles(developer, publisher)
2012-07-04     That's the Way the Cookie Crumbles - Demodeveloper, publisher 
2012-10-31The Lockdown of Shinisou Elementary(developer, publisher)
2012-10-31     The Lockdown of Shinisou Elementarydeveloper, publisher 
2013-01-23More than Forever: A Tragic Love Story(developer, publisher)
2013-01-23     More than Forever: A Tragic Love Storydeveloper, publisher 
2013-01-23   More than Forever (Webstory Version)developer, publisher 
2013-03-31Left of Center(developer, publisher)
2013-03-31     Left of Centerdeveloper, publisher 
2013-09-01Lluvia de Peces!(developer, publisher)
2013-09-01     Lluvia de Peces!developer, publisher 
2013-09-30The Milk of Human Kindness(developer, publisher)
2013-09-30     The Milk of Human Kindnessdeveloper, publisher 
2013-12-23The Yule Fabulous(developer, publisher)
2013-12-23      The Yule Fabulousdeveloper, publisher 
2014-01-12      The Yule Fabulous 2.0developer, publisher