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2012-02-09Isogashii Hito no Tame no Koumakyou(publisher)
2012-02-09   EoSD for Busy Person (patch)publisher 
2012-03-18Isogashii Hito no Tame no Koumakyou Extra(publisher)
2012-03-18   Embodiment of Scarlet Devil for Busy Person EXTRA (patch)publisher 
2012-09-20Isogashii Hito no Tame no Youyoumu(publisher)
2012-09-20   PCB for Busy Person (patch)publisher 
2012-12-31Isogashii Hito no Tame no Youyoumu Extra(publisher)
2012-12-31   Perfect Cherry Blossom for Busy Person EXTRA (patch)publisher 
2013-02-09Isogashii Hito no Tame no Bunkachou ~Koumakan Mashimashi Tengu Nuki~(publisher)
2013-02-09All ages   Shoot the Bullet for Busy Person (patch)publisher 
2013-12-01Isogashii Hito no Tame no Suimusou(publisher)
2013-12-01All ages   Immaterial and Missing Power for Busy Person (patch)publisher