Japanese Individual
a.k.a. Yuuakari, ゆうあかり, Yuu Akari, Sunset Light

Kirue is a Japanese doujin otome game creator. She is the owner and operator of Yuuakari, her website where she uploads links, development updates, etc. of her own individual creations as well as any she has collaborated with other developers with.

Kirue mainly creates free doujin otome games, some of them are dark, and many of them have at least one Yandere hero in the story. She often collaborates with Migikima of Jigizm.



2008-10-03Ookami-san no Ongaeshi?(developer, publisher)
2008-10-03All ages   Ookami-san no Ongaeshi?developer, publisher 
2008-12-19Ookami Tokidoki Santa(developer, publisher)
2008-12-1912+   Ookami Tokidoki Santadeveloper, publisher 
2009-04-01Haru Urara no Ookami-san(developer, publisher)
2009-04-01All ages   Haru Urara no Ookami-sandeveloper, publisher 
2009-04-14Ruri Sora no Kotori(developer, publisher)
2009-04-1415+   Ruri Sora no Kotorideveloper, publisher 
2009-07-06Ohoshi-sama no Mitsukekata(developer, publisher)
2009-07-0612+   Ohoshi-sama no Mitsukekatadeveloper, publisher 
2009-10-02Ruriharo(developer, publisher)
2009-10-02All ages   Ruriharodeveloper, publisher 
2010-01-03Hakuai Sora no Kotori(developer, publisher)
2010-01-0315+   Hakuai Sora no Kotorideveloper, publisher 
2010-04-01Same Yume, Aitai!(developer, publisher)
2010-04-0115+   Same Yume, Aitai!developer, publisher 
2010-07-273line:cross0(developer, publisher)
2010-07-27All ages   3line:cross0developer, publisher 
2010-10-07Kafuku Kanjusu Utsukushiki Utsuro ka na(developer, publisher)
2010-10-0712+   Kafuku Kanjusu Utsukushiki Utsuro ka nadeveloper, publisher 
2010-12-23Jouen@Christmas -I Can't Live Without You-(developer, publisher)
2010-12-2315+   Jouen@Christmas -I Can't Live Without You-developer, publisher 
2011-01-0115+   Jouen@Christmas -A Happy New Year-developer, publisher 
2013-08-1016+   Jouen@Redistribution Setdeveloper, publisher 
2014-06-2315+   Jouen@Syndromedeveloper, publisher 
2011-02-28Itoshi-Iki to Shi-Ikeru Mono(developer, publisher)
2011-02-2815+   Itoshi-Iki to Shi-Ikeru Monodeveloper, publisher 
2011-05-18Mahoshova!(developer, publisher)
2011-05-18All ages   Mahoshova!developer, publisher 
2011-08-12Usunibizora no Kotori(developer, publisher)
2011-08-1215+   Usunibizora no Kotorideveloper, publisher 
2011-12-15Shikkoku no Messiah -in Paradisum deducant te Angeli-(developer)
2011-12-1512+   Shikkoku no Messiah -in Paradisum deducant te Angeli-developer 
2012-02-09Jouen@Paranoia -Do You Know How Much I Love You?-(developer, publisher)
2012-02-0916+   Jouen@Paranoia -Do You Know How Much I Love You?-developer, publisher 
2012-02-0916+   Jouen@Paranoia -Sweet Valentine's Day- Patch (patch)developer, publisher 
2013-08-1016+   Jouen@Redistribution Setdeveloper, publisher 
2014-06-2315+   Jouen@Syndromedeveloper, publisher 
2012-04-03Loco Locca(developer, publisher)
2012-04-0315+   Loco Loccadeveloper, publisher 
2017-04-0115+   Locolocca -da capo-developer, publisher 
2012-05-06Sakuya Sakura ni Koi ni Teshi(developer, publisher)
2012-05-0612+   Sakuya Sakura ni Ko ni Teshideveloper, publisher 
2012-10-06Sayo Shigure ni Warau Oni(developer)
2012-10-0612+   Sayo Shigure ni Warau Onideveloper 
2012-12-30Renjou Kata no Euphoria(developer, publisher)
2012-12-3015+   Renjou Kata no Euphoriadeveloper, publisher 
2013-03-03Uraomote Maou-sama 037(developer, publisher)
2013-03-03All ages   Uraomote Maou-sama 037developer, publisher 
2013-04-01Uraomote Canaria 041(developer, publisher)
2013-04-0115+   Uraomote Canaria 041developer, publisher 
2013-06-29Nostalgia wa Annei no Umi ni(developer, publisher)
2013-06-2912+   Nostalgia wa Annei no Umi nideveloper, publisher 
2013-09-16Renjou Kata no Melancholy(developer, publisher)
2013-09-1615+   Renjou Kata no Melancholydeveloper, publisher 
2013-11-10Kami-sama Shishou to Jack Lantern(developer, publisher)
2013-11-10All ages   Kami-sama Shishou to Jack Lanterndeveloper, publisher 
2014-01-21Inu ni Nenbutsu Neko ni Kyou(developer)
2014-01-2112+   Inu ni Nenbutsu Neko ni Kyoudeveloper 
2014-04-01Mizeratto(developer, publisher)
2014-04-0115+   Mizerattodeveloper, publisher 
2014-06-23Jouen@Syndrome(developer, publisher)
2014-06-2315+   Jouen@Syndromedeveloper, publisher 
2014-09-24Coco la Coco(developer, publisher)
2014-09-24All ages   Coco la Cocodeveloper, publisher 
2015-01-12Jouyatou no Mukou Gawa(developer, publisher)
2015-01-1212+   Jouyatou no Mukou Gawadeveloper, publisher 
2015-04-013nin-me no Raison D'être(developer, publisher)
2015-04-0115+   3nin-me no Raison D'êtredeveloper, publisher 
2015-07-19Tentaikyuu no Moribito-san(developer, publisher)
2015-07-19All ages   Tentaikyuu no Moribito-sandeveloper, publisher 
2015-08-033nin-me no Raison D'être -Dead ED-(developer, publisher)
2015-08-0315+   3nin-me no Raison D'être -Dead ED-developer, publisher 
2015-10-30Jouen@Spiral(developer, publisher)
2015-10-3015+   Jouen@Spiraldeveloper, publisher 
2016-01-09Shisai no Koigoto(developer)
2016-01-0912+   Shisai no Koigotodeveloper 
2016-04-01Shuumatsu no Trival(developer, publisher)
2016-04-0115+   Shuumatsu no Trivaldeveloper, publisher 
2016-07-11Shuumatsu no Trival -After Dark-(developer, publisher)
2016-07-1115+   Shuumatsu no Trival -After Dark-developer, publisher 
2016-10-11Rakka Ren Ren(developer, publisher)
2016-10-11All ages   Rakka Ren Rendeveloper, publisher 
2017-01-30Mayoikonda Guest wa?(developer, publisher)
2017-01-3012+   Mayoikonda Guest wa?developer, publisher 
2017-10-24Shuutou Desire(developer, publisher)
2017-10-2412+   Shuutou Desiredeveloper, publisher 
2018-01-013nin-me no Raison D'être -After the End-(developer, publisher)
2018-01-0115+   3nin-me no Raison D'être -After the end-developer, publisher 
2018-04-01Meilai Kiddie(developer, publisher)
2018-04-0115+   Meilai Kiddiedeveloper, publisher 
2019Rourou Spica(developer, publisher)
201912+   Rourou Spica - Free Editiondeveloper, publisher 
201918+   Rourou Spica - Complete Editiondeveloper, publisher