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Amateur group
Primary language: Japanese
Official website - VNStat

Mostly in the horror genre. Some had been translated by Deja Vu.


2006-05-1915+YachokitanPub & Dev
The Noose
2006-08The NoosePub & Dev
40-nichi 40-ya no Ame
2007-01All ages40-nichi 40-ya no AmePub & Dev
A Happy Valentine
2007-02All agesA Happy ValentinePub & Dev
Mushi Kegare
2007-04-09Mushi Kegare Chapter 0 + PreviewPub & Dev
2007-09-08Entomic Impurity Chapter 0 + PreviewDev
2007-10-06Mushi Kegare Chapter 1 "Umi Otoshi" Part IPub & Dev
2008-08-22Mushi Kegare Chapter 1 "Umi Otoshi" Part IIPub & Dev
Agnus Dei
2008-04-01Agnus DeiPub & Dev
Nejire Haguruma: La Divina Commedia
2008-04-0115+Nejire Haguruma La Divina CommediaPub & Dev
The Nursery Alice -They told me you had been to her-
2008-12-27The Nursery Alice - Trial EditionPub
Karasu A no Aware na Dantoudai
2009-04All agesKarasu A no Aware na DantoudaiPub white whitePub
Kurai Nichiyoubi - Sombre Dimanche
2009-08-1115+Kurai Nichiyoubi - Sombre Dimanche - Trial EditionPub & Dev
2009-08-2315+Kurai Nichiyoubi -Sombre Dimanche- Package EditionPub & Dev
2009-09-1315+Kurai Nichiyoubi - Sombre Dimanche - Download EditionPub & Dev
Tanjoubi, Sono Go
2014-01-05Tanjoubi, Sono GoPub & Dev