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a.k.a. 鷹鳥 つばさ, Takatori Tsubasa
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Doujin otome games.



2010-01-13Special! Takeout -Complete Edition-(developer, publisher)
2010-01-1312+   Special! Takeout -Complete Edition-developer, publisher 
2010-05-01Special! Takeout -Bangai Salt Hen-(developer, publisher)
2010-05-0112+   Special! Takeout -Bangai Salt Hen-developer, publisher 
2010-10-287 Day's Magic(developer, publisher)
2010-10-2815+   7 Day's Magicdeveloper, publisher 
2011-01-19Sugar Toast(developer, publisher)
2011-01-1915+   Sugar Toastdeveloper, publisher 
2011-04-23Kimi no Tame no Hana ni Naru(developer, publisher)
2011-04-2313+   Kimi no Tame no Hana ni Narudeveloper, publisher 
2012-09-17Shinigami-san to Ojou-sama -Banseisetsu Zen'ya-(developer, publisher)
2012-09-1715+   Shinigami-san to Ojou-sama -Banseisetsu Zenya-developer, publisher 
2013-07-30Anitan.(developer, publisher)
2013-07-30All ages   Anitan.developer, publisher 
2014-05-04Mori no Shiro Yagi-san to Kuro Yagi-san(developer, publisher)
2014-05-04All ages   Mori no Shiro Yagi-san to Kuro Yagi-sandeveloper, publisher 
2015-02-20Majo to Ringo(developer, publisher)
2015-02-20   Majo to Ringodeveloper, publisher 
2015-10-28Junrai Senki(developer)
2015-10-2815+   Junrai Senkideveloper 
2015-11-09Kami-sama to Ringo(developer, publisher)
2015-11-0913+   Kami-sama to Ringodeveloper, publisher 
TBAMaou-sama to Futari no Hanayome(developer, publisher)
TBA15+   Maou-sama to Futari no Hanayomedeveloper, publisher