Japanese Individual
a.k.a. 児戯ズム, Jigizm, Jigizumu, JGZM
Official website - VNStat

Migikima is a (mainly) free doujin otome game developer. She is the owner and operator of Jigizm; her website she uses to upload links and information about her visual novel creations- some of which are products of collaborations with other developers. She sometimes collaborates with Kirue of Yuuakari.



2012-07-07EndlesS+(developer, publisher)
2012-07-07All ages   EndlesS+developer, publisher 
2012-10-06Sayo Shigure ni Warau Oni(developer, publisher)
2012-10-0612+   Sayo Shigure ni Warau Onideveloper, publisher 
2012-12-16BHW Rabbit(developer, publisher)
2012-12-1612+   BHW Rabbitdeveloper, publisher 
2013-07-19Moumoku Hen'ai Carameliser(developer, publisher)
2013-07-1915+   Moumoku Hen'ai Carameliserdeveloper, publisher 
2014-01-21Inu ni Nenbutsu Neko ni Kyou(developer, publisher)
2014-01-2112+   Inu ni Nenbutsu Neko ni Kyoudeveloper, publisher 
2016-01-09Shisai no Koigoto(developer, publisher)
2016-01-0912+   Shisai no Koigotodeveloper, publisher 
2016-03-09Hatsukoi Melting(developer, publisher)
2016-03-09All ages   Hatsukoi Meltingdeveloper, publisher