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Namikaze no Uta


Amateur group
Primary language: Japanese
Official website - VNStat


Old site

Creates otome games. Closed on January 15, 2013 according to their official website.


Une chaine d'une infraction
2007-04-0315+Une chaine d'une infractionPub & Dev
Sauveur Rouge
2007-09-0715+Sauveur Rouge - Light Edition (Without Voice)Pub & Dev
2007-09-0715+Sauveur Rouge - Regular EditionPub & Dev
Twin Lovers
2007-12-2415+Twin Lovers - Light Edition (Without Voice)Pub & Dev
2007-12-2415+Twin Lovers - Regular Edition (With Voice)Pub & Dev
†autre histire†~AP
2007†autre histire†~APPub & Dev
†autre histire†~Vt
2007†autre histire†~VtPub & Dev
†autre histire†~Xmas
2007†autre histire†~XmasPub & Dev
True treasure
2009-01-27True treasure - Trial EditionPub & Dev
2009-03-1215+corundumPub & Dev
Lunatic Honey ~Sekai de Ichiban Kimi ga Suki~
2009-04-01Lunatic Honey~Sekai de Ichiban Kimi ga Suki~Pub & Dev
Crystal Forest ~Smile of Adieu~
2010-02-2615+Crystal Forest ~Smile of Adieu~ Light Edition (Without Voice)Pub & Dev
2010-02-2615+Crystal Forest ~Smile of Adieu~ Regular Edition (With Voice)Pub & Dev
Ohoshi-sama no Uta
2010-07-07AllOhoshi-sama no UtaPub & Dev
Halloween Chocolate
2010-10-31AllHalloween ChocolatePub & Dev