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p332.172019-09-02 at 19:28altoTriangleWikidata
p332.152017-09-17 at 18:29chipp12Trianglelink ブランドチーム分割->ブランド名変更
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p332.52010-06-25 at 11:12baldoTriangleBecause the games from Triangle (the original brand&company) and Delta come from the same guys, maybe 'Imprint' is the best choice here...
p332.42010-06-20 at 20:45baldoTriangleTriangle is an OLD company ( link ), Delta ( link ) is merely its latest subsidiary.
p332.32010-06-20 at 18:23izmosmolnarTrianglethey are sisterbrands afaics but parent producer / subsidiary is the closest I can choose from maybe
p332.22009-08-27 at 16:08immlffTrianglewebsite link improvement
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