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Primary language: Japanese
a.k.a. Tea Time
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Parent brand: Bit Design Co., Ltd., I1 Co., Ltd.

The company (both TEATIME and FULLTIME) went under after Love Death Final's Release (2013/08/30) as a result of bankruptcy.

Tech Support was moved over to Illusion Soft.


Torawareta Garasu no Kokoro
2001-04-2018+Torawareta Garasu no KokoroPub & Dev
2003-08-0818+Teapack 1 ToraHanaPub & Dev
2004-01-2918+Torawareta Garasu no Kokoro - DVDPGPub & Dev
Hana no Himei ~Kowareta Garasu no Kokoro~
2001-10-1918+Hana no Himei ~Kowareta Garasu no Kokoro~Pub & Dev
2003-08-0818+Teapack 1 ToraHanaPub & Dev
2002-03-2118+Maiden☆BreederPub & Dev
2004-05-2118+Maiden☆Breeder ~DVD Renewal Package~Pub & Dev
2004-07-2918+Maiden☆Breeder - DVDPGPub & Dev
Yuki Hotaru
2002-08-0918+Yuki HotaruPub
2007-07-2718+Yuki Hotaru - DVDPGPub
2003-02-1418+ToonPub & Dev
2006-07-2718+Toon - DVDPGPub & Dev
Sacred Plume
2003-09-0518+Sacred PlumePub & Dev
Maiden☆Breeder 2
2004-05-2118+Maiden☆Breeder 2Pub & Dev
Chikan wa Hanzai!
2004-12-1718+Chikan wa Hanzai!Pub
Love Death ~Realtime Lovers~
2005-04-2718+Love Death ~Realtime Lovers~Pub & Dev
2013-08-3018+Love Death Final!Pub & Dev
Futa Majo
2005-09-2218+Futa MajoPub & Dev
2008-04-2518+Eroi 3DPub
2011-06-2418+Eroi - T PackagePub
PoliAni ~Polygon Anime Bishoujo~
2006-11-1718+PoliAni ~Polygon Anime Bishoujo~Pub & Dev
2011-09-1618+PoliAni ~Polygon Anime Bishoujo~ -T Package-Pub & Dev
Love Death 2 ~Realtime Lovers~
2007-08-3118+Love Death 2 ~Realtime Lovers~Pub
Love Death 3 ~Realtime Lovers~
2008-11-2818+Love Death 3 ~Realtime Lovers~Pub & Dev
Love Death 4 ~ν-Realtime Lovers~
2009-12-1818+Love Death 4 ~ν-Realtime Lovers~Pub & Dev
2009-12-1818+Love Death 4 ~ν-Realtime Lovers~ with Web CameraPub & Dev
Mousou-sei Kasou Jinkaku Shougai ~Delusion Virtual Character Trouble~
2010-05-2818+Mousou-sei Kasou Jinkaku Shougai ~Delusion Virtual Character Trouble~ Regular EditionPub & Dev
2010-05-2818+Mousou-sei Kasou Jinkaku Shougai ~Delusion Virtual Character Trouble~ with Web CameraPub & Dev
Love Death 555! ~v-Realtime Lovers~
2010-11-2618+Love Death 555! ~v-Realtime Lovers~Pub
See You Lover
2011-03-3118+See You LoverPub & Dev
Ren'ai + H
2011-05-2718+Ren'ai + HPub & Dev
Houkago Custom☆Time ~Customize Lovers~
2011-07-2918+Houkago Custom☆Time ~Customize Lovers~Pub & Dev
Love Gear ~Kinematic Lovers~
2011-12-0918+Love Gear ~Kinematic Lovers~Pub & Dev
Network Netoraru Kare Machi Kanojo
2012-05-1318+Network Netoraru Kare Machi Kanojo - Trial EditionPub & Dev
2012-06-1518+Network Netoraru Kare Machi KanojoPub & Dev
Kami-sama no Oekaki
2013-06-0718+Kami-sama no OekakiPub & Dev
Love Death Final!
2013-08-3018+Love Death Final!Pub & Dev