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Sukeban Games

Amateur group
Primary language: Spanish
a.k.a. DANGEMU
Official website - VNStat

Originated from: Christopher Ortiz

Venezuelan circle founded by Kiririn51 and IronicLark.


Devil's Journal - Tony T
201218+Devil's Journal - Tony T - Episode 1Pub & Dev
VA-11 Hall-A
2014-03AllVA-11 HALL-A - PrototypePub & Dev
2014-08-1813+VA-11 HALL-A - ProloguePub & Dev
2015-06-02AllVA-11 HALL-A - Special Demo VersionDev
2016-06-21VA-11 HALL-ADev
2017-02-14VA-11 HALL-A v1.2.1Dev
2017-11-1417+VA-11 HALL-A - NA Download EditionDev
2017-11-1617+VA-11 HALL-A - Download EditionDev
2017-11-1617+VA-11 HALL-A - Package EditionDev
2017-11-16VA-11 HALL-ADev
2017-12-25VA-11 HALL-ADev
2019-05-0216+VA-11 HALL-A - EU Download EditionDev
2019-05-0217+VA-11 HALL-A - NA Download EditionDev
2019-05-0217+VA-11 HALL-ADev
2019-05-3017+VA-11 HALL-ADev
2019-05-3017+VA-11 HALL-A - JP Package EditionDev
2019-05-3017+VA-11 HALL-A - JP EditionDev
2019-05-3017+VA-11 HALL-A - JP Package EditionDev
Lovely Kana
2017Lovely KanaPub & Dev
VA-11 Hall-A Kids
2018-04-01VA-11 Hall-A KIDSPub & Dev
One Shot in the Dark, Now I’m Dead.
2021-04-26One Shot in the Dark, Now I’m Dead.Pub & Dev
N1RV Ann-A
TBAN1RV Ann-APub & Dev
TBAN1RV Ann-APub & Dev
TBAN1RV Ann-A: Cyberpunk Bartender ActionDev