Please Wait

Czech Amateur group

Please wait is a duo of passionate writers and game design wannabes.The phrase "please wait" perfectly describes them. They are taking their time and even smallest piece of work might take ages. But they are very driven and focused. The only requirement of theirs is thorough satisfaction with their work. Their art of writing is improved by working primarily on indie visual novels (Assistant of detective Zbyšek, Princes of Fantasy). And they mostly learn about game design through jams or other small projects (Losing it, SSSCFATT).
Ondřej Sýkora as Syky (the robust one) is a brake in work process, strict director with sense for detail and pessimist. He keeps projects down to earth and supervises the composition and rules. While Emil Gašparec as Moti (the skinny one) is a dreamer, innovator and thinking constantly out of the box. He ensures that the design is not stereotypical and inserts originality and freshness into the work.



2012-01-19Asistent detektiva Zbyška(developer, publisher)
2012-01-19All ages   Asistent detektiva Zbyškadeveloper, publisher 
2013-04-02Boží Skript(developer, publisher)
2013-04-02   Boží Skriptdeveloper, publisher 
2015-03-07Princes of Fantasy(developer)
2015-03-07All ages   Princes of Fantasydeveloper 
2015-08-29Take a Shit!!!(developer)
2015-08-2916+    Naser si!!!developer 
2015-08-2916+   Naser si!!!developer 
2015-10-31Asistent detektiva Zbyška 2 - Vražda v Orion expresu(developer)
2015-10-31   Asistent detektiva Zbyška 2 - Vražda v Orion expresudeveloper 
2016-04-05True Ending(developer)
2016-04-05   True Endingdeveloper 
2016-08-22Song About Winter and Spring(developer, publisher)
2016-08-22All ages   Song About Winter and Springdeveloper, publisher 
2017-04-07   Song About Winter and Springpublisher