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Czech Amateur group



2012-01-19Asistent detektiva Zbyška(developer, publisher)
2012-01-19All ages   Asistent detektiva Zbyškadeveloper, publisher 
2013-04-02Boží Skript(developer, publisher)
2013-04-02   Boží Skriptdeveloper, publisher 
2015-03-07Princes of Fantasy(developer)
2015-03-07All ages   Princes of Fantasydeveloper 
2015-08-29Take a Shit!!!(developer)
2015-08-2916+    Naser si!!!developer 
2015-08-2916+   Naser si!!!developer 
2015-10-31Asistent detektiva Zbyška 2 - Vražda v Orion expresu(developer)
2015-10-31   Asistent detektiva Zbyška 2 - Vražda v Orion expresudeveloper 
2016-04-05True Ending(developer)
2016-04-05   True Endingdeveloper 
2016-08-22Song About Winter and Spring(developer, publisher)
2016-08-22All ages   Song About Winter and Springdeveloper, publisher 
2017-04-07   Song About Winter and Springpublisher