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Primary language: Tagalog
a.k.a. Moonlight Bomber, Benedict Villariaza
Official website - VNStat

A solo indie game developer from the Philippines specializing in visual novels and RPGs. He also writes online novels.

For his contributions to other visual novels, please go here.


Natsu no Hi no Resonance
2006-01-04AllResonance sa Araw ng Tag-init (unofficial)Pub
Two Tales
2010-01-05AllTwo TalesPub & Dev
About Time for a Splash!
2010-09-26About Time for a Splash!Pub & Dev
Swimming in Two Rivers
2010-10-31Swimming in Two RiversPub & Dev
2011-08-0313+CoccineaPub & Dev
A Transitional Eve
2011-12-31AllA Transitional EvePub & Dev
2014-01-26AllVantagePub & Dev
2022-03-02AllVantage v1.2Pub & Dev
2014-08-25Alle|mergePub & Dev
Landscaped Confinement
2014-12-08AllLandscaped ConfinementPub & Dev
Nothing Happened
2015-01-25AllNothing HappenedPub & Dev
Gravure: A Super Network Wars Prelude
2015-12-02AllGravure: A Super Network Wars PreludePub & Dev
Nothing Happened 2: The Ritual
2016-01-31AllNothing Happened 2: The RitualPub & Dev
This One Room
2016-12-12This One RoomPub & Dev
Nothing Happened 3: Terminus Wave
2017-01-22AllNothing Happened 3: Terminus WavePub & Dev
Sunday at the Memories ~The Girl at the Fountain~
2017-11-02Sunday at the Memories ~The Girl at the Fountain~Pub & Dev
The Classiest Act
2020-03-18AllThe Classiest ActPub & Dev
The Same Coin
2022-01-31The Same CoinPub & Dev
Nothing Happened: The Complete Saga
2022-11-10AllNothing Happened: The Complete SagaPub & Dev
Bittersweet Harvest
2023-01-09AllBittersweet Harvest v0.5Pub & Dev
2023-02-05AllBittersweet Harvest v1.0Pub & Dev