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2013-05-03Elvine(developer, publisher)
2013-05-03     Elvinedeveloper, publisher2 
2014-06-01I Don’t Want to Marry Chrom!(developer, publisher)
2014-06-01     I Don’t Want to Marry Chrom!developer, publisher 
2015-07-11The Life Threads(developer, publisher)
2015-07-11   The Life Threadsdeveloper, publisher 
2015-11-09Helena's Flowers(developer, publisher)
2015-11-0915+     Helena's Flowersdeveloper, publisher
2016-10-15Dr. Frank's Build-A-Boyfriend(developer, publisher)
2016-10-15     Dr. Frank's Build-A-Boyfriend - Demodeveloper, publisher1 
2017-10-06     Dr. Frank's Build-A-Boyfrienddeveloper, publisher3 
2018-03-03The Bog's Heart(developer, publisher)
2018-03-03    The Bog's Heartdeveloper, publisher1 
2019-01-29The Far Rings(developer, publisher)
2019-01-29     The Far Rings - Part 1developer, publisher1