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Primary language: English
a.k.a. MitsukoOtsuki, Heiden Games
Official website - VNStat

Developer and artist who makes visual novels as a hobby. website.


2013-05-03ElvinePub & Dev
I Don't Want to Marry Chrom!
2014-06-01I Don’t Want to Marry Chrom!Pub & Dev
The Life Threads
2015-07-11The Life ThreadsPub & Dev
Helena's Flowers
2015-11-0915+Helena's FlowersPub & Dev
Dr. Frank's Build-A-Boyfriend
2016-10-15Dr. Frank's Build-A-Boyfriend - DemoPub & Dev
2017-10-06Dr. Frank's Build-A-Boyfriend (drm-free)Pub & Dev
The Bog's Heart
2018-03-03The Bog's HeartPub & Dev
The Far Rings
2019-01-29The Far Rings - Part 1Pub & Dev
The Girl With The Gray Hair Awakens
2019-06-25AllThe Girl With The Gray Hair AwakensPub & Dev
Kill the Prince?!
2020-03-31Kill the Prince?!Pub & Dev
A New Don
2021-03-31A New DonPub & Dev
The Sun Atop a Column
2021-07-1713+The Sun Atop a ColumnPub & Dev
Heart is Muscle
2021-09-06Heart is MusclePub & Dev
Ziva and the Wolves
2021-10-31Ziva and the WolvesPub & Dev
Tomorrow for Mar
2022-03-21Tomorrow for MarPub & Dev
A Heart of Butterblue
2022-03-31A Heart of Butterblue - DemoPub & Dev
2022-11-10A Heart of Butterblue - Alpha 2.1Pub & Dev
2023-04-01A Heart of Butterblue v1.0Pub & Dev
2023-04-03A Heart of Butterblue v1.002Pub & Dev
2023-09-29A Heart of ButterbluePub & Dev