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Amateur group
Primary language: English
a.k.a. Black Monkey, BMP
Official website - VNStat

Succeeded by: BLits, Herculion

BlackMonkey Pro is an artist circle consisting of members from around the world. We are focused on BL (Boys' Love), Yaoi, and Adult Hardcore genre. We deliver our work in different mediums such as: Manga, Doujinshi, Image or CG Sets, Artbooks, Visual Novels, Games and lots more!

The group disbanded in October, 2017. The website is defunct.


Offscreen Scandal
2012-0918+Offscreen ScandalPub & Dev
2012-1018+Offscreen ScandalPub & Dev
2014-01-1618+Sleepover - Limited EditionPub & Dev
2014-01-1618+Sleepover - Regular EditionPub & Dev
2014-01-2618+SleepoverPub & Dev
2014-09-0618+Bacchikoi! - Uncensored VersionPub & Dev
2014-09-2118+Bacchikoi! - Censored VersionPub & Dev
2014-09-2118+Bacchikoi! - Mobile CensoredPub & Dev
2014-09-2118+Bacchikoi! - Mobile UncensoredPub & Dev
2015-07-1118+Bacchikoi Bundle PackPub & Dev
Bacchikoi Expansion Pack
2015-07-1118+Bacchikoi Expansion Pack - Desktop UncensoredPub & Dev
2015-07-1118+Bacchikoi Expansion Pack - Desktop CensoredPub & Dev
2015-07-1118+Bacchikoi Bundle PackPub & Dev