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Amateur group
Primary language: Japanese
Official website - VNStat


Baby Doll
2006-07-2918+Baby DollPub & Dev
2006-08-0118+Baby Doll - English text versionPub & Dev
Type R3
2006-09-2318+Type R3Pub & Dev
2006-10-1018+Type R3 - English text versionPub & Dev
Black Beach
2007-07-2818+Black BeachPub & Dev
Hachijouma no Hanabira to Kuroi Magnum
2007-11-2518+Hachijouma no Hanabira to Kuroi MagnumPub & Dev
Debakame to Shiroi Yuri
2010-08-1418+Debakame to Shiroi YuriPub & Dev
Swaple Medicine
2011-07-1018+Swaple MedicinePub & Dev