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Zui International


Primary language: Japanese
Official website - VNStat

Succeeded by: Rideon Works Co., Ltd.
Originated from: Aqua House
Subsidiary: Ferret
Imprint: Bianca, Fukurou, Liebe

A part of the AquaHouse family of companies, established at 2002. Owns 4 brands, belongs to the currently existing company, Rideon Works, the owner of Noir.


Onee-san ga Oshiete A-Ge-Ru
2006-03-2418+Onee-san ga Oshiete A-Ge-RuPub
Hitozuma Yuugi
2006-04-1418+Hitozuma YuugiPub
2006-04-2818+Hitozuma Yuugi - Revised EditionPub
Hitozuma Ryokan
2006-05-2618+Hitozuma RyokanPub
In'yoku Oyako
2006-07-2118+Inyoku OyakoPub