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Primary language: English
Official website - VNStat

Mobile developer in Canada making apps for Android and iOS.


Scarlet Nightfall
2013-12-079+Scarlet NightfallPub & Dev
2013-12-309+Scarlet NightfallPub & Dev
Within a Rose
2017-10-20Within a RosePub & Dev
My Life as a Maiden
2018-01-26My Life as a MaidenPub & Dev
Dimension of Monster Girls
2018-04-13Dimension of Monster GirlsPub & Dev
The Queen of Blackwood High
2019-02-15The Queen of Blackwood HighPub & Dev
Artificial Mansion
2019-04-24Artificial MansionPub & Dev
Alchemy Absorption: Melody
2020-11-20Alchemy Absorption: MelodyPub & Dev