Japanese Amateur group
a.k.a. Kaku, KAKU
Official website - VNStat

A doujin group that develops and produces visual novels targeted towards a female audience.



2013-01-28Blind Prism ~Before sweets~(developer, publisher)
2013-01-28All ages   Blind Prism ~Before sweets~developer, publisher 
2017-07-31All ages   Blind Prism ~Before sweets~ Redistributiondeveloper, publisher 
2013-06-12Blind Prism ~Rainy Season~(developer, publisher)
2013-06-12All ages   Blind Prism ~Rainy Season~ Trial Editiondeveloper, publisher 
2013-08-12All ages   Blind Prism ~Rainy Season~ Packaged Editiondeveloper, publisher 
2013-08-19All ages   Blind Prism ~Rainy Season~ Download Editiondeveloper, publisher2 
2014-06-25Blind Prism ~First Love~(developer, publisher)
2014-06-25All ages   Blind Prism ~First Love~ Trialdeveloper, publisher 
2014-08-15All ages   Blind Prism ~First Love~ Package Editiondeveloper, publisher 
2014-09-15All ages   Blind Prism ~First Love~ Download Editiondeveloper, publisher2 
2015-08-14All ages   Blind Prism ~First Love~ Package Resale Editiondeveloper, publisher 
2015-06-20Blind Prism ~Melty Snow~(developer, publisher)
2015-06-20   Blind Prism ~Melty Snow~ Trial Editiondeveloper, publisher 
2015-12-3018+   Blind Prism ~Melty Snow~ Package Editiondeveloper, publisher 
2016-12-2418+   Blind Prism ~Melty Snow~ Download Editiondeveloper, publisher3 
TBA   Blind Prism ~Melty Snow~ Waka-nii Add-on Scenariodeveloper, publisher