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2013-04-17Eye Love(publisher)
2013-04-17   Eye Lovepublisher
2014-04-20Ponderings of Time(publisher)
2014-04-20   Ponderings of Timepublisher
2014-04-2351 Cards(publisher)
2014-04-23All ages   51 Cardspublisher
2014-04-23Tea & Sympathy(publisher)
2014-04-23   Tea & Sympathypublisher
2014-04-24The Meadow(publisher)
2014-04-24All ages    The Meadowpublisher
2014-05-11The Country with No People(publisher)
2014-05-11   The Country with No Peoplepublisher
2014-05-14Fourty Minutes to Eternity(publisher)
2014-05-14All ages   Fourty Minutes to Eternitypublisher
2014-05-19All ages   Vantagepublisher
2014-05-24Bee Man(publisher)
2014-05-24   Bee Manpublisher
2014-05-24Shadows In The Darkness(publisher)
2014-05-24   Shadows In The Darknesspublisher
2014-05-24A Harder Battle(publisher)
2014-05-24   A Harder Battlepublisher
2014-06-0340 Minutes to Eternity(publisher)
2014-06-03   40 Minutes to Eternitypublisher
2014-06-05Memory of the Oblivious(developer, publisher)
2014-06-05   Memory of the Obliviousdeveloper, publisher
2014-06-12[Phase Shift](publisher)
2014-06-12All ages   [Phase Shift]publisher
2014-06-17Escaping Sorrow(publisher)
2014-06-17   Escaping Sorrowpublisher
2014-06-21Fear Not(publisher)
2014-06-21All ages    Fear Notpublisher
2014-06-24Monocrowe(developer, publisher)
2014-06-24   Monocrowedeveloper, publisher
2014-07-13Clerkegard(developer, publisher)
2014-07-13   Clerkegarddeveloper, publisher
2014-07-21Leap into Justice(developer, publisher)
2014-07-21   Leap into Justice - File 1: Stepping Stone for the Rising Fuego!developer, publisher
2014-07-21   Leap into Justice - File 3: Farewell, My Titanic, My Lovedeveloper, publisher
2014-08-04All ages    Soulmatespublisher
2014-08-22Being Beauteous(publisher)
2014-08-2212+     Being Beauteouspublisher 
2015-08-2812+         Being Beauteous Remakepublisher 
2014-09-15Red Ogre and Blue Ogre(developer, publisher)
2014-09-15   Red Ogre and Blue Ogredeveloper, publisher
2015-02-16All ages     Red Ogre and Blue Ogredeveloper, publisher
2014-10-31Marijuana "The Truth"(publisher)
2014-10-31    Marijuana "The Truth"publisher
2014-10-31The Hare(publisher)
2014-10-31   The Harepublisher
2014-11-02Lakeside Sunset(publisher)
2014-11-02All ages    Lakeside Sunsetpublisher
2014-11-03    Adagiopublisher
2014-12-08     Adagiopublisher
2015-02-07      Adagiopublisher
2014-11-11The Clown(publisher)
2014-11-11All ages   The Clownpublisher
2014-11-29Yutori Kyouiku(publisher)
2014-11-29    Yutori Kyouikupublisher
2015-01-25     Yutori Kyouikupublisher
2014-12-08Letters for You(publisher)
2014-12-08All ages   Letters for Youpublisher
2014-12-18Yume Goshi no Sora(publisher)
2014-12-18All ages    Plumerai -Ritsu's story-publisher
2015-02-16Ghost Fall(developer, publisher)
2015-02-16     Ghost Falldeveloper, publisher
2015-03-21Ikiru to Iu Koto(publisher)
2015-03-21All ages    Ikiru to Iu Kotopublisher
2015-04-14Kawaisou na Kotori(publisher)
2015-04-14All ages    Kawaisou na Kotoripublisher
2015-05-01The Crane Lady(publisher)
2015-05-01All ages     The Crane Ladypublisher
2015-05-01Mountain Pigeon(publisher)
2015-05-01All ages     Sparrow and Woodpecker/Mountain Pigeonpublisher
2015-05-01Sparrow and Woodpecker(publisher)
2015-05-01All ages     Sparrow and Woodpecker/Mountain Pigeonpublisher
2015-05-01A Sparrow with Her Tongue Cut(publisher)
2015-05-01All ages     A Sparrow with Her Tongue Cutpublisher
2015-05-01An Owl and a Crow(publisher)
2015-05-01All ages     An Owl and a Crowpublisher
2015-05-01The Sparrow’s Gourd(publisher)
2015-05-01All ages     The Sparrow’s Gourdpublisher
2015-05-01Crow and a Scarecrow(publisher)
2015-05-01All ages     Crow and a Scarecrowpublisher
2016-08-08         Rehookedpublisher 
2018-07-01Lucy Returns(developer, publisher)
2018-07-01All ages     Lucy Returnsdeveloper, publisher