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Amateur group
Primary language: Russian
Official website - VNStat

Formerly: Shironeko, Yaoi.desu
Spawned: Aura & Co

Currently we are making our own game. All existing translations are free and any commercialization via third party websites / torrents is strictly prohibited and has nothing to do with our group.
Our activity is absolutely free, from fans to fans and for reference use only.


2014-12-3118+Svidanie s nochjovkoj (unofficial)Pub
Clepsydra ~Hikari to Kage no Juujika~
2014-12-31All agesKlepsidra -Krest Sveta i Teni- (unofficial)Pub
2015-01-31All agesKlepsidra -Krest Sveta i Teni- (unofficial patch)Pub
Autumn's Journey
2015-02-23All agesOsennee puteshestvie (unofficial)Pub
2015-03-1718+Bacchikoi! (unofficial)Pub
Hatsukare Ecchi ~Visual Drama~ Satoru Hen
2015-05-3118+Moj pervyj paren' (unofficial)Pub
Bacchikoi Expansion Pack
2015-07-2118+Bacchikoi! Novye istorii (unofficial)Pub
Shinobazu Seven
2016-01-04All agesSemero iz Shinobazu -Glava 1: Subaru Warren- (unofficial)Pub
2019-02-09All agesSemero iz Shinobazu -Glava 2: Taiga Aoi- (unofficial)Pub
2019-11-08All agesSemero iz Shinobazu -Glava 3: Miki Kisaragi- (unofficial)Pub
2020-05-15All agesSemero iz Shinobazu -Glava 4: Seijiro Fujimaru- (unofficial)Pub
2021-03-0818+Semero iz Shinobazu -Bonus: Segashira- (unofficial)Pub
2021-05-11All agesSemero iz Shinobazu -Glava 5: Genki Tonosawa- (unofficial)Pub
2021-06-04All agesSemero iz Shinobazu -Glava 6: Taku Oya- (unofficial)Pub
Ame no Marginal
2016-02-26All agesIstorija mira dozhdja (unofficial)Pub
Love Me Tender -Koyoi, Bar Alba de-
2019-03-1618+Ljubi menja nezhno -Segodnja vecherom, v bare "Rassvet"-Pub
Ai no Uta
2021-07-2618+Pesnja ljubvi (unofficial)Pub
End End Summer
2021-08-15All agesVechnoe Leto (unofficial)Pub
Nessa no Rakuen
2021-09-1518+Raj sredi gorjachih peskov (unofficial)Pub
Bloody Call
2021-09-30All agesKrovavyj Zov (unofficial)Pub
2021-11-0818+Bunt vampirov! (unofficial)Pub
Ao no Shigyaku Midori no Higyaku
202118+Ao no Shigyaku Midori no Higyaku (unofficial)Pub
Are You Alice?
2021All agesA ty Alisa? (unofficial)Pub
Killer Queen
TBA18+Killer Queen (unofficial patch)Pub
Silver Chaos
TBA18+Silver Chaos (unofficial patch)Pub
Luckydog1 Secret Diary
TBA18+Luckydog1 Secret Diary (patch)Pub
Omerta Code:Tycoon
TBA18+Omerta Code:Tycoon (unofficial patch)Pub
TBAOrfleurs (unofficial patch)Pub
Innocent Incest
TBAInnocent IncestPub
Akaya Akashiya Ayakashino
TBAAll agesAkaya Akashiya Ayakashino (unofficial)Pub
Photograph Journey
TBAAll agesRomanticheskoe puteshestvie -Mijagi i Okinawa- (unofficial)Pub
TBAAll agesRomanticheskoe puteshestvie -Aichi i Kyoto- (unofficial)Pub
TBAAll agesRomanticheskoe puteshestvie -Hiroshima i Kanagawa- (unofficial)Pub
TBAAll agesRomanticheskoe puteshestvie -Niigata i Hokkajdo- (unofficial)Pub
TBAAll agesRomanticheskoe puteshestvie -Shizuoka i Nagasaki- (unofficial)Pub
TBAAll agesRomanticheskoe puteshestvie -Kagawa i Mijazaki- (unofficial)Pub
Boku to Kare no Kiken na Doukyo Seikatsu
TBA17+Nasha sovmestnaja i opasnaja zhizn' (unofficial)Pub
Yoshiwara Higanbana
TBA18+Yoshiwara Higanbana (unofficial)Pub