Japanese Company
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Spawned: Space Works
Originated from: Technical Group Laboratory, Inc.
Subsidiary: SPD
Parent producer: AGREE Group

Zone went out of business and their website closed. Back up site linked for their works.



1996-07-19Youjo Ranbu ~Yogosareta Seiiki~(developer, publisher)
1996-07-1918+   Youjo Ranbu ~Yogosareta Seiiki~developer, publisher1 
1997-05-29Youjo Ranbu 2(developer, publisher)
1997-05-2918+   Youjo Ranbu 2developer, publisher1 
1998-04-17Asgaldh ~Waikyoku no Testament~(developer, publisher)
1998-04-1718+   Asgaldh ~Waikyoku no Testament~developer, publisher1 
2002-04-2618+   Asgaldh ~Waikyoku no Testament~ Campaign Editiondeveloper, publisher
1999-11-18Guren(developer, publisher)
1999-11-1818+   Gurendeveloper, publisher1 
2002-05-2418+   Guren - Campaign Editiondeveloper, publisher
2000-05-26Avaron(developer, publisher)
2000-05-2618+   Avarondeveloper, publisher
2002-07-19Guren Tenshou -Shura-(developer, publisher)
2002-07-1918+   Guren Tenshou -Shura-developer, publisher2 
2002-12-27Guren Tenshou -Rasetsu-(developer, publisher)
2002-12-2718+   Guren Tenshou -Rasetsu-developer, publisher