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Primary language: Japanese
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Mikoto Nikki
2013-05-2812+Mikoto NikkiPub & Dev
2013-09-2912+Mikoto Nikki ver.1.03Pub
Mix Ore
2013-06-08Mix OrePub & Dev
Makoto Mobius
2013-07-30Makoto MobiusPub & Dev
2013-08-2915+YandereraPub & Dev
Kimi to Boku to Kireigoto
2014-05-2815+Kimi to Boku to KireigotoPub & Dev
Shihori Escape
2014-05-2815+Shihori EscapePub & Dev
Tsukimi Planet
2015-11-1615+Tsukimi PlanetPub & Dev
Full Bokko Youchien
2017-04-0115+Full Bokko YouchienPub & Dev
2017-06-0415+MenherafflesiaPub & Dev
Kimi to Boku to Kakushigoto
2018-05-0318+Kimi to Boku to Kakushigoto - Package EditionPub & Dev
2018-09-0118+Kimi to Boku to Kakushigoto - Download EditionPub & Dev
2020-12-2918+Kimi to Boku to Kakushigoto - Download EditionDev
2021-03-1218+A Secret Between You and MeDev
Vanilla Shinpan no Sono
2018-08-1015+Vanilla Shinpan no Sono - Package EditionPub & Dev
2018-08-1015+Vanilla Shinpan no Sono Trial EditionPub & Dev
2018-09-0115+Vanilla Shinpan no Sono - Download EditionPub & Dev
Kaleido Stella
2018-12-21Kaleido StellaPub & Dev
2018-12-30AllKaleido Stella - Package EditionPub & Dev
2019-02-01AllKaleido Stella - Download EditionPub & Dev
2019-06-20AllKALEIDO STELLAPub & Dev
Yumemi Melancholy
2019-02-05Yumemi MelancholyPub & Dev
Haitoku Shirene - Anata no Shiranai Naraku no Soko
2019-03-1218+Haitoku Shirene - Anata no Shiranai Naraku no SokoPub & Dev
2020-12-3018+Haitoku ShireneDev
Kubitori Sarasa
2019-03-27Kubitori SarasaPub & Dev
Utsuro Nikki
2019-04-2612+Utsuro Nikki - Student EditionPub & Dev
2020-11-1012+Utsuro Nikki - Loli EditionPub & Dev
Hansel to Gretel DS
2019-05-0815+Hansel to Gretel DSPub & Dev
Saikoro Psycho
2019-08-2815+Saikoro Psycho - Dai Yon no Deme -Pub & Dev
2019-11-0315+Saikoro Psycho - Dai Ni no DemePub & Dev
2019-11-2515+Saikoro Psycho - Dai Go no Deme -Pub & Dev
2019-12-0815+Saikoro Psycho - Dai Roku no Deme -Pub & Dev
2019-12-1815+Saikoro Psycho - Dai San no Deme -Pub & Dev
2019-12-2815+Saikoro Psycho - Dai Ichi no Deme -Pub & Dev
2020-06-0915+Saikoro Psycho - Complete EditionPub & Dev
2020-04-15AllTraumermaidPub & Dev
2020-05-0515+Traumermaid (with CHARON exclusive bonuses) - Download EditionPub & Dev
2020-05-0515+Traumermaid (with CHARON exclusive bonuses) - Package EditionPub & Dev
2020-05-0515+Traumermaid (with cream△ exclusive bonuses) - Download EditionDev
2020-05-0515+Traumermaid (with cream△ exclusive bonuses) - Package EditionPub & Dev
Menherafflesia Flowering Abyss
2021-06-259+Menherafflesia Flowering Abyss - Android EditionDev
2021-06-259+Menherafflesia Flowering Abyss - iOS EditionDev
2021-06-2518+Menherafflesia Flowering Abyss - Steam EditionDev
2022-01-2017+Menherafflesia Flowering Abyss - Nintendo Switch EditionDev
Kimi to Boku to Hitorigoto
2021Kimi to Boku to HitorigotoDev