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Primary language: Japanese
a.k.a. Gen!us
Official website - VNStat

Genius Inc. is a company which plans, develops and releases 'App Dramas', or story apps. Our mission is to develop the innovative 'App Drama' to a level where it can be lined up with creations such as manga and anime.
We hope for your support as we continue to bring high quality works to you!



Amadare ~Utsukushiku Saku Kimitachi e~
2014-09-1812+Amadare ~Utsukushiku Saku Kimitachi e~Pub
2014-11-0915+Amadare ~Utsukushiku Saku Kimitachi e~Pub
2015-01-2115+Raindrop ~Dear My Friends~Pub
Pay for My Call with a Kiss
2014-10-05Pay for My Call with a KissPub & Dev
Twilight Romance
2014-11-1915+Twilight RomancePub & Dev
2014-12-2512+Twilight RomancePub & Dev
2016-07Twilight RomancePub & Dev
2016-09-1912+Sumerechnyj romanPub & Dev
Grimm's Princess ~Douwa Hime~
2014-12-0112+Grimm's Princess ~Douwa Hime~Pub
2015-04-0712+Grimm's PrincessPub
2016-07Grimm's Princess ~Douwa Hime~Pub & Dev
2016-09-0712+Princessa brat'ev GrimmPub & Dev
Tenkuu no Rosario
2015-01-12AllTenkuu no RosarioPub & Dev
2016-01-16AllMy Angel RomancePub & Dev
2016-08-22Meu Romance AngelicalPub
2016-08Tenkuu no RosarioPub & Dev
2016-11-20AllMoj angel'skij romanPub & Dev
Kimi ni Sasageru Kiseki
2015-03-25AllKimi ni Sasageru KisekiPub & Dev
2015-07-29AllLife is BeautifulPub & Dev
Koi no Otogizoushi wa Butai Kara
2015-04-0112+Koi no Otogizoushi wa Butai KaraPub
2015-04-0612+Koi no Otogizoushi wa Butai KaraPub
2015-05-2312+My Traditional PrincesPub
2015-07-2012+My Traditional PrincesPub
Koi no Jiken wa Totsuzen ni
2015-04-1912+Koi no Jiken wa Totsuzen niPub & Dev
2015-05-1812+The Fateful EncounterPub & Dev
2016-07The Fateful EncounterPub & Dev
2016-09-0712+Rokovaja VstrechaPub & Dev
2017The Fateful EncounterPub & Dev
Extreme Mission
2015-05-11Extreme MissionPub & Dev
2016-04-04Extreme MissionPub & Dev
2017-04-0916+Extreme Mission (Remake)Pub & Dev
2017-04-09Shin Extreme MissionPub & Dev
2017-04-1312+Extreme Mission (Remake)Pub & Dev
2017-04-13Shin Extreme MissionPub & Dev
Midgard Love
2015-06-059+Midgard LovePub
2015-06-259+Midgard LovePub
2015-07-189+Midgard LovePub
2015-07-239+Midgard LovePub
2016-05-24Midgard Love ~ O juramento de DeusPub
Mugen no Anastasia
2015-06-309+Mugen no AnastasiaPub & Dev
2015-07-049+Dream of AnastasiaPub & Dev
Ai to Inbou no Seridia
2015-07-2612+Ai to Inbou no SeridiaPub & Dev
2015-09-069+Love and ConspiracyPub & Dev
Oukyuu no Shugosha-tachi
2015-08-1912+Oukyuu no Shugosha-tachiPub & Dev
2015-10-0112+My Royal GuardianPub & Dev
2016-07-0712+Moja korolevskaja strazhaPub
2016-07Oukyuu no Shugosha-tachiPub
Private SP ~Himitsu no Kare wa Sennyuu Sousa-chuu~
2015-08-2012+Private SP ~Himitsu no Kare wa Sennyuu Sousa-chuu~Pub & Dev
2015-08-2612+My Secret SpiesPub & Dev
Undead Destiny
2015-09-1612+Undead DestinyPub & Dev
2015-10-0912+Undead LoversPub & Dev
2016-08-1412+Netlennaja ljubov'Pub & Dev
2016-09Undead DestinyPub & Dev
Elemental Prince
2015-10-16AllElemental PrincePub & Dev
2015-11-15AllMy Elemental PrincePub & Dev
2016-03-31Meu Príncipe elementalPub
2016-05-13AllMoj princ stihiiPub
2016-06-0112+Pangeran ElementalkuPub & Dev
2016-07Elemental PrincePub & Dev
2021-0213+My Elemental Prince - RemakePub & Dev
Twilight Hunters
2015-11-0912+Twilight HuntersPub & Dev
2015-11-2012+Twilight HunterPub & Dev
2015-12-0612+Twilight HuntersPub & Dev
2015-12-0712+Twilight HunterPub & Dev
2016-10-1212+Ohotniki SumerekPub & Dev
2016-10Twilight HuntersPub & Dev
Mangetsu no Yoru ni wa Goyoujin
2015-11-27AllMangetsu no Yoru ni wa GoyoujinPub & Dev
2015-12-08AllMy Strange LoversPub & Dev
2016-05-10AllMoj strannyj ljubovnikPub
2016-08Mangetsu no Yoru ni wa GoyoujinPub
Ano Hi no Kimi ni Koi o Shite ~Moto Kare Paradise~
2015-12-2412+Ano Hi no Kimi ni Koi o Shite ~Moto Kare Paradise~Pub & Dev
2015-12-2512+My Memorial LoversPub & Dev
2016-0912+My Memorial LoverPub & Dev
Arahitogami ni Koikogare
2016-01-30Arahitogami ni KoikogarePub & Dev
2016-02-11AllMy Arahitogami RomancePub & Dev
2016-12-07My Arahitogami RomancePub & Dev
2016-12-2212+My Arahitogami RomancePub & Dev
Itoshiki Mafia ni Hanataba o
2016-02-11Itoshiki Mafia ni Hanataba oPub & Dev
2016-02-28My Forbidden LoverPub & Dev
2016-08Itoshisa Mafia ni Hanataba oPub & Dev
2016-10-18Moja zapretnaja ljubov'Pub & Dev
2016-11-1210+Amor na MáfiaPub
Heisa Gakuren ~Misshitsu Kara no Dasshutsu~
2016-03-13Heisagaku Koi ~Misshitsu Kara no Dasshutsu~Pub & Dev
2016-03-23School Wonders RomancePub & Dev
2016-08-04Romantika Shkol'nyh TajnPub
2016-09Heisagaku Koi ~Misshitsu Kara no Dasshutsu~Pub & Dev
Wizard Tower
2016-03-219+Wizard TowerPub & Dev
2016-06-019+Wizard TowerPub & Dev
Gyakuten Alice ~Fushigi no Kuni no Joou-sama~
2016-04-20Gyakuten Alice ~Fushigi no Kuni no Jou-sama~Pub & Dev
2016-04-21Reverse AlicePub & Dev
2016-09-10Alicia InversaPub & Dev
2016-11-11Zerkal'naja AlisaPub & Dev
2016-12-06L'opposée d'AlicePub & Dev
2017-04-16Reverse AlicePub & Dev
Otouto Scramble
2016-04-21AllOtouto ScramblePub & Dev
2016-04-289+Otouto ScramblePub & Dev
2016-05-17AllOtouto ScramblePub & Dev
2016-05-189+Otouto ScramblePub & Dev
2017-03-05AllOtouto ScramblePub & Dev
2021-05-0713+Otouto Scramble - RemakePub & Dev
TBAOtouto ScramblePub & Dev
Xceed ~Chou Nou Ren'ai~
2016-06-12AllXceed ~Chou Nou Ren'ai~Pub & Dev
2016-06-29AllXceed - Psychic Romance -Pub
Omnibus Princess
2016-06-309+Omnibus PrincessPub & Dev
2016-09-139+Omnibus PrincessPub & Dev
2016-10Omnibus PrincessPub & Dev
Darkness Myth ~Igyou no Kamigami to Kyuu Shihaisha~
2016-08-229+Darkness Myth ~Igyou no Kamigami to Kyuu Shihaisha~Pub & Dev
2016-09-069+Darkness Myth ~Cthulhu Mythos Romance~Pub & Dev
Gyakuten Genji Monogatari
2016-09-25AllGyakuten Genji MonogatariPub & Dev
2016-11-07AllReversed Tale of GenjiPub & Dev
2017-06-14AllReversed Tale of GenjiPub & Dev
2017Le Conte de Genji InverséDev
2017Reverse Genji RomancePub & Dev
2017Reversed Tale of GenjiDev
Nyan Kare
2016-10-19AllNyan KarePub & Dev
2016-11-21AllMy Lovely CatPub & Dev
2017-01-30AllNyan KarePub
2017-07-24AllMy Lovely CatPub & Dev
Destiny Knight Romance
2016-12-13Destiny Knight RomancePub & Dev
Shinobi Koi Ki
2017-02-1312+Shinobi Koi KiPub & Dev
2017-02-159+Shinobi Koi KiPub & Dev
2017-03-0312+My Ninja RomancePub & Dev
2017-03-079+My Ninja RomancePub & Dev
2017-05-1612+Moj roman s nindzjaPub & Dev
Toki Watari no Serenade
2017-02-2312+Toki Watari no SerenadePub & Dev
2017-02-289+Toki Watari no SerenadePub & Dev
2017-04-1812+My Sweet PianistPub & Dev
2017-04-2312+My Sweet PianistPub & Dev
Koi Iro After School
2017-02-2812+Koi Iro After SchoolPub & Dev
2017-04-1312+School Love ParadisePub & Dev
2017-04-1312+School Love ParadisePub & Dev
2017-05-2612+School Love ParadisePub & Dev
Koi no Curry Sawagi
2017-04-1312+Koi no Curry SawagiPub & Dev
2017-05-1812+My Curry BoyfriendPub & Dev
The Lost Prince Pirates
2017-08-0812+The Lost Prince PiratesPub & Dev
My Vampire Girlfriend: Romance You Choose
2017-09-1812+My Vampire Girlfriend: Romance You ChoosePub
2017-11-1612+My Vampire Girlfriend: Romance You ChoosePub
2017-11-2812+My Vampire Girlfriend: Romance You ChoosePub
2017-12-1712+My Vampire Girlfriend: Romance You ChoosePub
My Pure Boyfriend
2017-09-2012+My Pure BoyfriendPub & Dev
Imouto Scramble
2017-10-0212+Imouto ScramblePub & Dev
My Sweet Ghost
2017-10-0312+My Sweet GhostPub & Dev
My Bitter Sweet Romance
2017-10-2312+My Bitter Sweet RomancePub & Dev
My Twin Romance
2017-12-0612+My Twin RomancePub & Dev
2018-01-24My Twin RomancePub
My Maid Girlfriend: Romance You Choose
2017-12-1212+My Maid Girlfriend: Romance You ChoosePub
2018-09-0312+My Maid GirlfriendPub & Dev
2018-09-0512+My Maid Girlfriend - DemoPub & Dev
My Strange Girlfriend: Romance You Choose
2018-02-0712+My Strange Girlfriend: Romance You ChoosePub
2018-10-0812+My Strange Girlfriend: Romance You ChoosePub
My Apartment Romance
2018-03-1212+My Apartment RomancePub
After School Romance
2018-03-22After School RomancePub & Dev
Summer of Memories
2018-04-1012+Summer of MemoriesPub & Dev
The House of Silence
2018-05-1312+The House of SilencePub & Dev
The Chain Witches
2018-06-1512+The Chain WitchesPub & Dev
My Hotel Romance
2018-06-1512+My Hotel RomancePub & Dev
Deal to My Heart
2018-07-08Deal to my HeartPub & Dev
Twilight Lovers
2018-07-1112+Twilight LoversPub & Dev
2018-07-2912+Twilight LoversPub & Dev
2018-07-2912+Twilight LoversPub & Dev
2018-08-1612+Twilight LoversPub & Dev
2018-08-3112+Twilight LoversPub & Dev
2018-12-0112+Twilight LoversPub & Dev
2018-12-0312+Twilight LoversPub & Dev
2022-03-1212+Twilight Lovers - RemakePub & Dev
My Devil Girlfriend
2018-07-1212+My Devil GirlfriendPub & Dev
2018-08-2412+My Devil GirlfriendPub & Dev
My Cat Girlfriend
2018-08-1412+My Cat GirlfriendPub & Dev
2018-10-1912+My Cat GirlfriendPub & Dev
2021-12-09My Girlfriend is a Cat Girl?!Pub & Dev
My Fake Marriage
2018-08-1512+My Fake MarriagePub & Dev
Lost Memories
2018-09-0712+Lost MemoriesPub & Dev
My Fake Boyfriend
2018-09-1012+My Fake BoyfriendPub & Dev
Blue Moon Princess
2018-10-0112+Blue Moon PrincessPub & Dev
My Ambitious Girlfriend
2018-10-0612+My Ambitious GirlfriendPub & Dev
My Forbidden Romance
2018-11-0712+My Forbidden RomancePub & Dev
My Animal School Romance
2018-11-0912+My Animal School RomancePub & Dev
My Sweet Shifter
2018-11-2712+My Sweet ShifterPub & Dev
My Robot Girlfriend
2018-12-0712+My Robot GirlfriendPub & Dev
2019-02-2312+My Robot GirlfriendPub & Dev
Twilight School
2018-12-1712+Twilight SchoolPub & Dev
My Mafia Girlfriend
2019-01-1212+My Mafia GirlfriendPub & Dev
2019-02-1512+My Mafia GirlfriendPub & Dev
2019-02-1517+My Mafia GirlfriendPub & Dev
2019-03-0312+My Mafia GirlfriendPub & Dev
Princess of the Dead
2019-01-2112+Princess of the DeadPub & Dev
Loyalty for Love
2019-02-2512+Loyalty for LovePub & Dev
My Billionaire Girlfriend
2019-03-0912+My Billionaire GirlfriendPub & Dev
2019-05-0912+My Billionaire GirlfriendPub & Dev
Phantom Hearts
2019-04-0212+Phantom HeartsPub & Dev
2019-05-1012+Phantom HeartsPub & Dev
2019-06-0712+Phantom HeartsPub & Dev
Devilish Charms
2019-04-1512+Devilish CharmsPub & Dev
Twilight Blood
2019-04-1512+Twilight BloodPub & Dev
Doctor's Orders
2019-05-0812+Doctor's OrdersPub & Dev
My Dragon Girlfriend
2019-05-0812+My Dragon GirlfriendPub & Dev
2019-06-1912+My Dragon GirlfriendPub & Dev
Death Game
2019-05-1612+Death GamePub & Dev
2019-06-1212+Death GamePub & Dev
2019-06-2912+Death GamePub & Dev
Heart of the Fox
2019-05-1612+Heart of the FoxPub & Dev
Angelic Kisses
2019-05-3012+Angelic KissesPub & Dev
My Kemono Girlfriend
2019-05-3012+My Kemono GirlfriendPub & Dev
Sinful Roses
2019-06-0912+Sinful RosesPub & Dev
A Kiss from Death
2019-06-1012+A Kiss from DeathPub & Dev
My Magical Girlfriends
2019-06-1612+My Magical GirlfriendsPub & Dev
2019-07-1212+My Magical GirlfriendsPub & Dev
Supernatural Investigations
2019-06-1912+Supernatural InvestigationsPub & Dev
Everlasting Alchemists
2019-06-2612+Everlasting AlchemistsPub & Dev
My Nurse Girlfriend
2019-06-3012+My Nurse GirlfriendPub & Dev
2019-08-1412+My Nurse GirlfriendPub & Dev
Fugitive Desires
2019-07-0212+Fugitive DesiresPub & Dev
Business Affairs
2019-07-0912+Business AffairsPub & Dev
My Dog Girlfriend
2019-07-1512+My Dog GirlfriendPub & Dev
Yaoi Beast Boys
2019-07-2012+Yaoi Beast BoysPub & Dev
Deceitful Devotions
2019-07-2512+Deceitful DevotionsPub & Dev
Love Is a Canvas
2019-07-3012+Love is a CanvasPub & Dev
2019-09-1312+Love is a CanvasPub & Dev
Seduced by the Mafia
2019-07-3112+Seduced by the MafiaPub & Dev
Immortal Heart
2019-08-1012+Immortal HeartPub & Dev
My Crazy High School Romcom!
2019-08-2212+My Crazy High School Romcom!Pub & Dev
2019-08-2212+My Crazy High School Romcom!Pub & Dev
University of the Dead
2019-08-2212+University of the DeadPub & Dev
My Sweet Stepsisters
2019-08-2212+My Sweet StepsistersPub & Dev
2019-10-0512+My Sweet StepsistersPub & Dev
Gossip School
2019-08-2412+Gossip SchoolPub & Dev
Electronic Emotions
2019-08-3112+Electronic EmotionsPub & Dev
My Ninja Girlfriend
2019-09-0112+My Ninja GirlfriendPub & Dev
2019-10-2712+My Ninja GirlfriendPub & Dev
The Spellbinding Kiss
2019-09-0612+The Spellbinding KissPub & Dev
2019-10-2212+The Spellbinding KissPub & Dev
Sakura Scramble!
2019-09-1012+Sakura Scramble!Pub & Dev
2019-10-2312+Sakura Scramble!Pub & Dev
Freshman Fantasies
2019-09-1512+Freshman FantasiesPub & Dev
The House of Grudge
2019-09-2212+The House of GrudgePub & Dev
Attack of the Dead
2019-09-2612+Attack of the DeadPub & Dev
My Elf Girlfriend
2019-09-27My Elf GirlfriendPub & Dev
Making the Perfect Wedding
2019-09-3012+Making the Perfect WeddingPub & Dev
The Fate of Wonderland
2019-10-1212+The Fate of WonderlandPub & Dev
My Zombie Girlfriend
2019-10-1612+My Zombie GirlfriendPub & Dev
Kiss of the Wendigo
2019-10-2012+Kiss of the WendigoPub & Dev
Destined Memories
2019-10-2612+Destined MemoriesPub & Dev
My Time Traveling Girlfriend
2019-10-3112+My Time Traveling GirlfriendPub & Dev
Steal My Heart
2019-11-0912+Steal my HeartPub & Dev
The Pet Doctor's Secret
2019-11-1612+The Pet Doctor's SecretPub & Dev
Welcome to Folklore Manor
2019-11-2012+Welcome to Folklore ManorPub & Dev
Protect My Love
2019-11-2712+Protect my LovePub & Dev
Prestigious Passions
2019-11-3012+Prestigious PassionsPub & Dev
My Rental Girlfriend
2019-12-1112+My Rental GirlfriendPub & Dev
Demigods of Destiny
2019-12-1512+Demigods of DestinyPub & Dev
Nocturne of Nightmares
2019-12-2412+Nocturne of NightmaresPub & Dev
My Mermaid Girlfriend
2019-12-2512+My Mermaid GirlfriendPub & Dev
Kiss of Darkness
2020-01-0512+Kiss of DarknessPub & Dev
She's My Vampire
2020-01-0812+She's My VampirePub & Dev
2020-01-2412+She's My VampirePub & Dev
Mall of the Dead
2020-01-1812+Mall of the DeadPub & Dev
My Ghost Girlfriend
2020-01-2215+My Ghost GirlfriendPub & Dev
My Mystic Dragons
2020-01-2512+My Mystic DragonsPub & Dev
Doki Doki Sweets Girlfriend
2020-01-31Doki Doki Sweets GirlfriendPub & Dev
Devil Beauty & Animal Cuties!
2020-02-04Devil Beauty & Animal Cuties!Pub & Dev
Dances with Destiny
2020-02-0812+Dances with DestinyPub & Dev
My Video Game Girlfriend
2020-02-12My Video Game GirlfriendPub & Dev
Death School
2020-02-20AllDeath SchoolPub & Dev
In Between Love & Death
2020-02-22In Between Love & DeathPub & Dev
Be Her Hero
2020-02-2612+Be Her HeroPub & Dev
Twilight Crusade
2020-02-27Twilight CrusadePub & Dev
Lethal Engagements
2020-03-0815+Lethal EngagementsPub & Dev
Fateful Forces
2020-03-1215+Fateful ForcesPub & Dev
Spellbound Schoolgirls!
2020-03-1515+Spellbound Schoolgirls!Pub & Dev
Moonlight Wishes
2020-03-23AllMoonlight WishesPub & Dev
Supernatural Sweethearts
2020-03-27AllSupernatural SweetheartsPub & Dev
The Swords of First Light
2020-04-0415+The Swords of First LightPub & Dev
2020-05-2712+The Swords of First LightPub & Dev
Save Her From the Zombies!
2020-04-11AllSave Her From the Zombies!Pub & Dev
Love Is Our Specialty!
2020-04-22AllLove is Our Specialty!Pub & Dev
Starlit Promises
2020-05-0212+Starlit PromisesPub & Dev
My Elemental Girlfriend
2020-05-0612+My Elemental GirlfriendPub & Dev
The Chains of Enchantment
2020-05-1512+The Chains of EnchantmentPub & Dev
My Wolf Girlfriend
2020-05-2012+My Wolf GirlfriendPub & Dev
Twilight Fangs
2020-05-3112+Twilight FangsPub & Dev
It's a Dog's Love
2020-06-1312+It's a Dog's LovePub & Dev
An Otaku Like Me Has 2 Fiancees?!
2020-06-1712+An Otaku like me has 2 Fiancees?!Pub & Dev
Vows of Eternity
2020-06-2612+Vows of EternityPub & Dev
My High School Detective
2020-06-3012+My High School DetectivePub & Dev
My Angel Girlfriend
2020-07-0212+My Angel GirlfriendPub & Dev
Haunted Heartbeats
2020-07-1412+Haunted HeartbeatsPub & Dev
Mystery of the Murderous Dreams
2020-07-1512+Mystery of the Murderous DreamsPub & Dev
My Reaper Girlfriend
2020-07-2012+My Reaper GirlfriendPub & Dev
Awakening of the Eclipse
2020-07-2412+Awakening of the EclipsePub & Dev
Time Only Knows
2020-07-3012+Time Only KnowsPub & Dev
My Assassin High School
2020-08-0512+My Assassin High SchoolPub & Dev
Sins of the Everlasting Twilight
2020-08-0812+Sins of the Everlasting TwilightPub & Dev
My Fairy Girlfriend
2020-08-1512+My Fairy GirlfriendPub & Dev
Soul of Yokai
2020-08-2312+Soul of YokaiPub & Dev
2020-08-2317+Soul of YokaiPub & Dev
Class of the Living Dead
2020-08-2712+Class of the Living DeadPub & Dev
My Princess Girlfriend
2020-09-0212+My Princess GirlfriendPub & Dev
Mythical Hearts
2020-09-11AllMythical HeartsPub & Dev
Be My Match
2020-10-1012+Be My MatchPub & Dev
Shisha - The Lost Souls
2020-10-1712+Shisha - The Lost SoulsPub & Dev
Beastly Desires
2020-10-2513+Beastly DesiresPub & Dev
2020-10-2517+Beastly DesiresPub & Dev
Locker of Death
2020-11-0412+Locker of DeathPub & Dev
My Devil Lovers
2020-11-0912+My Devil LoversPub & Dev
My Sweet Puppy Love
2020-11-1412+My Sweet Puppy LovePub & Dev
Re: High School
2020-11-1612+Re: High SchoolPub & Dev
My Charming Butlers
2020-11-2012+My Charming ButlerPub & Dev
2020-11-2017+My Charming ButlersPub & Dev
Adventurous Hearts
2020-12-0412+Adventurous HeartsPub & Dev
Gangs of the Magic Realm
2020-12-0512+Gangs of the Magic RealmPub & Dev
2020-12-0517+Gangs of the Magic RealmPub & Dev
My Foxy Girlfriend
2020-12-1312+My Foxy GirlfriendPub & Dev
Sister Splash!
2020-12-1812+Sister Splash!Pub & Dev
The Lost Fate of the Oni
2020-12-2212+The Lost Fate of the OniPub & Dev
2020-12-2217+The Lost Fate of the OniPub & Dev
2021-01-0912+The Lost Fate of the Oni Season 2Pub & Dev
Stepsister Shock!
2021-01-0612+Stepsister Shock!Pub & Dev
My Fairytale Girlfriend
2021-01-0812+My Fairytale GirlfriendPub & Dev
Doki Doki Daigaku
2021-01-2012+Doki Doki DaigakuPub
Blood Moon Calling
2021-01-2413+Blood Moon CallingPub & Dev
2021-01-2417+Blood Moon CallingPub & Dev
2021-03-2613+Blood Moon Calling Season 2Pub & Dev
2021-03-2617+Blood Moon Calling Season 2Pub & Dev
A Contract with 3 Cute Devils
2021-02-0512+A Contract with 3 Cute DevilsPub
My Sweet Stalker
2021-02-13My Sweet StalkerPub & Dev
After School Girlfriend
2021-02-2612+After School GirlfriendPub
Guardians of the Zodiac
2021-03-0512+Guardians of the ZodiacPub & Dev
2021-03-0817+Guardians of the ZodiacPub & Dev
Nerd's Guide to Surviving High
2021-03-1912+Nerd's Guide to Surviving HighPub
Beasts of the Apocalypse: Story for Two
2021-04-20Beasts of the Apocalypse: Story for TwoPub & Dev
2021-04-21Beasts of the Apocalypse: Story for TwoPub & Dev
Another Dimension
2021-04-2712+Another DimensionPub
Sealed with a Dragon's Kiss
2021-0413+Sealed with a Dragon's KissPub & Dev
2021-0417+Sealed with a Dragon's KissPub & Dev
The Rondo of Oblivion
2021-05-1513+The Rondo of OblivionPub & Dev
2021-05-1517+The Rondo of OblivionPub & Dev
My Sweet Summer Oni
2021-05-19My Sweet Summer OniPub & Dev
Trapped Terrors
2021-05-31Trapped Terrors: Story for TwoPub & Dev
2021-06-03Trapped Terrors: Story for TwoPub & Dev
A Villain's Twisted Heart
2021-05A Villain's Twisted HeartPub & Dev
Feral Hearts
2021-06Feral HeartsPub & Dev
I Woke Up and Now I'm a Knight?!
2021-06I woke up and now I'm a knight?!Pub & Dev
Hack My Love
2021-07-13Hack My LovePub & Dev
2021-07-14Hack My LovePub & Dev
Cyber City Knights
2021-07-23Cyber City KnightsPub & Dev
2021-07-23Cyber City KnightsPub & Dev
Conspiracies of the Heart
2021-08-04Conspiracies of the HeartPub & Dev
2021-08Conspiracies of the HeartPub & Dev
What's your Hidden Power?
2021-08-1012+What's your Hidden Power?Pub
Love on the Edge
2021-08-13Love on the EdgePub & Dev
2021-08Love on the EdgePub & Dev
Quest of Lost Memories
2021-08Quest of Lost MemoriesPub & Dev
Kamisama: Spirits of the Shrine
2021-09-01Kamisama: Spirits of the ShrinePub & Dev
The King's Crown
2021-09-07The King's CrownPub & Dev
2021-09-08The King's CrownPub & Dev
Casefile: Tokyo Noir
2021-09-15Casefile: Tokyo NoirPub & Dev
Duel School Infinite
2021-09-2412+Duel School InfinitePub
Soul Warrior Battle
2021-10-06Soul Warrior BattlePub & Dev
My Starry Princess
2021-11-1313+My Starry PrincessPub & Dev
Taste of Sweet Magic
2021-11-17Taste of Sweet MagicPub & Dev
My Sweet Bully
2021-11-24My Sweet BullyPub & Dev
Spy Girls: Undercover Agent
2021-12-15Spy Girls: Undercover AgentPub & Dev
Police Girls on the Case!
2022-01-1112+Police Girls on the Case!Pub
Charming Tails
2022-01-1513+Charming TailsPub & Dev
2022-01-1513+Charming TailsPub & Dev
Legend of the Animal Spirits
2022-01-19Legend of the Animal SpiritsPub & Dev
My Girlfriend Loves A Mystery
2022-02-02My Girlfriend Loves A MysteryPub & Dev
Lullaby of Demonia
2022-02-18Lullaby of DemoniaPub & Dev
My Forest Spirit Girlfriend
2022-02-2212+My Forest Spirit GirlfriendPub
High School Vampire Girlfriend
2022-03-02High School Vampire GirlfriendPub & Dev
After School Girlfriend: Performing Arts Club!
2022-03-09After School Girlfriend: Performing Arts Club!Pub & Dev
Summoned By A Magic Goddess
2022-03-16Summoned By A Magic GoddessPub & Dev
We’ll Meet Once More
2022-03-24We’ll Meet Once MorePub & Dev
Girlfriends with Benefits
2022-04-06Girlfriends with BenefitsPub & Dev
My Jurassic Darling
2022-04-1313+My Jurassic DarlingPub & Dev
World End Girlfriend
2022-04-1912+World End GirlfriendPub
Death Game Royale
2022-05-04Death Game RoyalePub & Dev
Street Racer X Ace of Love
2022-05-1012+Street Racer X Ace of LovePub
Curse of Death's Kiss
2022-05-2813+Curse of Death's KissPub & Dev
2022-05-2813+Curse of Death's KissPub & Dev
Fuuka~A Summer Memory~
2022-05-2912+Fuuka~A Summer Memory~Pub
Undercover Girlfriend
2022-06-0712+Undercover GirlfriendPub
Forest of Destiny
2022-06-1113+Forest of DestinyPub & Dev
2022-06-1113+Forest of DestinyPub & Dev
Haunted Heart
2022-06-13Haunted HeartPub & Dev
Dating My High School Bully
2022-06-1412+Dating My High School BullyPub
Justice Fighting Force
2022-06-2312+Justice Fighting ForcePub
Chimera: Complex Hearts
2022-06-25Chimera: Complex HeartsPub & Dev
2022-06-25Chimera: Complex HeartsPub & Dev
VVVVK: Rogue Vampire Hunter
2022-07-0512+VVVVK: Rogue Vampire HunterPub
School Girl Apartment Paradise
2022-07-1212+School Girl Apartment ParadisePub
Framed by the Yakuza
2022-07-1912+Framed by the YakuzaPub
My Gyaru Girlfriend
2022-07-2612+My Gyaru GirlfriendPub
Master of A Secret Dream World
2022-08-1112+Master of A Secret Dream WorldPub
My Sweet Sadistic Sister
2022-08-2112+My Sweet Sadistic SisterPub
Underworld Debt Roulette
2022-08-2512+Underworld Debt RoulettePub
Last Kiss Before Summer
2022-09-1412+Last Kiss Before SummerPub
My Girlfriend Loves My Blood
2022-09-2612+My Girlfriend Loves My BloodPub
Zombie Attack Girls
2022-10-1012+Zombie Attack GirlsPub
My Secret Idol Girlfriend
2022-10-1712+My Secret Idol GirlfriendPub
Valkyrie Love Goddess
2022-10-2412+Valkyrie Love GoddessPub
My Sacred Shrine Maiden
2022-11-1412+My Sacred Shrine MaidenPub
Yes, My Demon Queen!
2022-11-2212+Yes, My Demon Queen!Pub
Bad Girls Tough Love
2022-12-0812+Bad Girls Tough LovePub
Ninja Warrior Princess
2022-12-2112+Ninja Warrior PrincessPub & Dev
My Goddess Girlfriend
2022-12-2212+My Goddess GirlfriendPub
Anomaly - Girls Beyond Science
2023-01-1112+Anomaly - Girls Beyond SciencePub
My Sweet Devilish Maids
2023-01-3012+My Sweet Devilish MaidsPub
My Extraordinary Girlfriend
2023-02-1412+My Extraordinary GirlfriendPub
Secret Spy: Operation Love
2023-02-2712+Secret Spy: Operation LovePub
My Summertime Girlfriend
2023-03-0512+My Summertime GirlfriendPub
My Sweet Artificial Lover
2023-03-2012+My Sweet Artificial LoverPub
Secret Pet Playmate
2023-04-0312+Secret Pet PlaymatePub
Love, Death and PvP
2023-05-1412+Love, Death and PvPPub
Midnight Serenade
2023-10-0612+Midnight SerenadePub & Dev