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Primary language: Japanese
a.k.a. Gen!us
Official website - VNStat

Genius Inc. is a company which plans, develops and releases 'App Dramas', or story apps. Our mission is to develop the innovative 'App Drama' to a level where it can be lined up with creations such as manga and anime.
We hope you for your support as we continue to bring high quality works to you!


Amadare ~Utsukushiku Saku Kimitachi e~
2014-09-1812+Amadare ~Utsukushiku Saku Kimitachi e~Pub
2014-11-0915+Amadare ~Utsukushiku Saku Kimitachi e~Pub
2015-01-2115+Raindrop ~Dear My Friends~Pub
Twilight Romance
2014-11-1915+Twilight RomancePub & Dev
2014-12-2512+Twilight RomancePub & Dev
2016-07Twilight RomancePub & Dev
2016-09-1912+Sumerechnyj romanPub & Dev
Grimm's Princess ~Douwa Hime~
2014-12-0112+Grimm's Princess ~Douwa Hime~Pub
2015-04-0712+Grimm's PrincessPub
2016-07Grimm's Princess ~Douwa Hime~Pub & Dev
2016-09-0712+Princessa brat'ev GrimmPub & Dev
Tenkuu no Rosario
2015-01-12All agesTenkuu no RosarioPub & Dev
2016-01-16All agesMy Angel RomancePub & Dev
2016-08-22Meu Romance AngelicalPub
2016-08Tenkuu no RosarioPub & Dev
2016-11-20All agesMoj angel'skij romanPub & Dev
Kimi ni Sasageru Kiseki
2015-03-25All agesKimi ni Sasageru KisekiPub & Dev
2015-07-29All agesLife is BeautifulPub & Dev
Koi no Otogizoushi wa Butai Kara
2015-04-0112+Koi no Otogizoushi wa Butai KaraPub
2015-04-0612+Koi no Otogizoushi wa Butai KaraPub
2015-05-2312+My Traditional PrincesPub
2015-07-2012+My Traditional PrincesPub
Koi no Jiken wa Totsuzen ni
2015-04-1912+Koi no Jiken wa Totsuzen niPub & Dev
2015-05-1812+The Fateful EncounterPub & Dev
2016-07The Fateful EncounterPub & Dev
2016-09-0712+Rokovaja VstrechaPub & Dev
Midgard Love
2015-06-059+Midgard LovePub
2015-06-259+Midgard LovePub
2015-07-189+Midgard LovePub
2015-07-239+Midgard LovePub
2016-05-24Midgard Love ~ O juramento de DeusPub
Mugen no Anastasia
2015-06-309+Mugen no AnastasiaPub & Dev
2015-07-049+Dream of AnastasiaPub & Dev
Ai to Inbou no Seridia
2015-07-2612+Ai to Inbou no SeridiaPub & Dev
2015-09-069+Love and ConspiracyPub & Dev
Oukyuu no Shugosha-tachi
2015-08-1912+Oukyuu no Shugosha-tachiPub & Dev
2015-10-0112+My Royal GuardianPub & Dev
2016-07-0712+Moja korolevskaja strazhaPub
2016-07Oukyuu no Shugosha-tachiPub
Private SP ~Himitsu no Kare wa Sennyuu Sousa-chuu~
2015-08-2012+Private SP ~Himitsu no Kare wa Sennyuu Sousa-chuu~Pub & Dev
2015-08-2612+My Secret SpiesPub & Dev
Undead Destiny
2015-09-1612+Undead DestinyPub & Dev
2015-10-0912+Undead LoversPub & Dev
2016-08-1412+Netlennaja ljubov'Pub & Dev
2016-09Undead DestinyPub & Dev
Elemental Prince
2015-10-16All agesElemental PrincePub & Dev
2015-11-15All agesMy Elemental PrincePub & Dev
2016-03-31Meu Príncipe elementalPub
2016-05-13All agesMoj princ stihiiPub
2016-06-0112+Pangeran ElementalkuPub & Dev
2016-07Elemental PrincePub & Dev
Twilight Hunters
2015-11-0912+Twilight HuntersPub & Dev
2015-11-2012+Twilight HunterPub & Dev
2015-12-0612+Twilight HuntersPub & Dev
2015-12-0712+Twilight HunterPub & Dev
2016-10-1212+Ohotniki SumerekPub & Dev
2016-10Twilight HuntersPub & Dev
Mangetsu no Yoru ni wa Goyoujin
2015-11-27All agesMangetsu no Yoru ni wa GoyoujinPub & Dev
2015-12-08All agesMy Strange LoversPub & Dev
2016-05-10All agesMoj strannyj ljubovnikPub
2016-08Mangetsu no Yoru ni wa GoyoujinPub
Ano Hi no Kimi ni Koi o Shite ~Moto Kare Paradise~
2015-12-2412+Ano Hi no Kimi ni Koi o Shite ~Moto Kare Paradise~Pub & Dev
2015-12-2512+My Memorial LoversPub & Dev
2016-0912+My Memorial LoverPub & Dev
Arahitogami ni Koikogare
2016-01-30Arahitogami ni KoikogarePub & Dev
2016-02-11My Arahitogami RomancePub & Dev
Itoshiki Mafia ni Hanataba o
2016-02-11Itoshiki Mafia ni Hanataba oPub & Dev
2016-02-28My Forbidden LoverPub & Dev
2016-08Itoshisa Mafia ni Hanataba oPub & Dev
2016-10-18Moja zapretnaja ljubov'Pub & Dev
2016-11-1210+Amor na MáfiaPub
Heisa Gakuren ~Misshitsu Kara no Dasshutsu~
2016-03-13Heisagaku Koi ~Misshitsu Kara no Dasshutsu~Pub & Dev
2016-03-23School Wonders RomancePub & Dev
2016-08-04Romantika Shkol'nyh TajnPub
2016-09Heisagaku Koi ~Misshitsu Kara no Dasshutsu~Pub & Dev
Wizard Tower
2016-03-219+Wizard TowerPub & Dev
2016-06-019+Wizard TowerPub & Dev
Extreme Mission
2016-04-04Extreme MissionPub & Dev
2017-04-0916+Extreme Mission (Remake)Pub & Dev
2017-04-1312+Extreme Mission (Remake)Pub & Dev
Gyakuten Alice ~Fushigi no Kuni no Joou-sama~
2016-04-20Gyakuten Alice ~Fushigi no Kuni no Jou-sama~Pub & Dev
2016-04-21Reverse AlicePub & Dev
2016-09Alicia InversaPub & Dev
2016-11-11Zerkal'naja AlisaPub & Dev
Otouto Scramble
2016-04-21All agesOtouto ScramblePub & Dev
2016-04-289+Otouto ScramblePub & Dev
2016-05-17All agesOtouto ScramblePub & Dev
2016-05-189+Otouto ScramblePub & Dev
2017-03-05All agesOtouto ScramblePub & Dev
TBAOtouto ScramblePub & Dev
Xceed ~Chou Nou Ren'ai~
2016-06-12All agesXceed ~Chou Nou Ren'ai~Pub & Dev
2016-06-29All agesXceed - Psychic Romance -Pub
Omnibus Princess
2016-06-309+Omnibus PrincessPub & Dev
2016-09-139+Omnibus PrincessPub & Dev
2016-10Omnibus PrincessPub & Dev
Darkness Myth ~Igyou no Kamigami to Kyuu Shihaisha~
2016-08-229+Darkness Myth ~Igyou no Kamigami to Kyuu Shihaisha~Pub & Dev
2016-09-069+Darkness Myth ~Cthulhu Mythos Romance~Pub & Dev
Gyakuten Genji Monogatari
2016-09-25All agesGyakuten Genji MonogatariPub & Dev
2016-11-07All agesReversed Tale of GenjiPub & Dev
2017-06-14All agesReversed Tale of GenjiPub & Dev
Nyan Kare
2016-10-19All agesNyan KarePub & Dev
2016-11-21All agesMy Lovely CatPub & Dev
2017-01-30All agesNyan KarePub
2017-07-24All agesMy Lovely CatPub & Dev
Destiny Knight Romance
2016-12-13Destiny Knight RomancePub & Dev
Shinobi Koi Ki
2017-02-1312+Shinobi Koi KiPub & Dev
2017-02-159+Shinobi Koi KiPub & Dev
2017-03-0312+My Ninja RomancePub & Dev
2017-03-079+My Ninja RomancePub & Dev
2017-05-1612+Moj roman s nindzjaPub & Dev
Toki Watari no Serenade
2017-02-2312+Toki Watari no SerenadePub & Dev
2017-02-289+Toki Watari no SerenadePub & Dev
2017-04-1812+My Sweet PianistPub & Dev
2017-04-2312+My Sweet PianistPub & Dev
Koi Iro After School
2017-02-2812+Koi Iro After SchoolPub & Dev
2017-04-1312+School Love ParadisePub & Dev
2017-04-1312+School Love ParadisePub & Dev
2017-05-2612+School Love ParadisePub & Dev
Koi no Curry Sawagi
2017-04-1312+Koi no Curry SawagiPub & Dev
2017-05-1812+My Curry BoyfriendPub & Dev
The Lost Prince Pirates
2017-08-0812+The Lost Prince PiratesPub & Dev
My Vampire Girlfriend: Romance You Choose
2017-09-1812+My Vampire Girlfriend: Romance You ChoosePub
2017-11-1612+My Vampire Girlfriend: Romance You ChoosePub
2017-11-2812+My Vampire Girlfriend: Romance You ChoosePub
2017-12-1712+My Vampire Girlfriend: Romance You ChoosePub
My Pure Boyfriend
2017-09-2012+My Pure BoyfriendPub & Dev
Imouto Scramble
2017-10-0212+Imouto ScramblePub & Dev
My Sweet Ghost
2017-10-0312+My Sweet GhostPub & Dev
My Bitter Sweet Romance
2017-10-2312+My Bitter Sweet RomancePub & Dev
My Twin Romance
2017-12-0612+My Twin RomancePub & Dev
2018-01-24My Twin RomancePub
My Maid Girlfriend: Romance You Choose
2017-12-1212+My Maid Girlfriend: Romance You ChoosePub
2018-09-0312+My Maid GirlfriendPub & Dev
My Strange Girlfriend: Romance You Choose
2018-02-0712+My Strange Girlfriend: Romance You ChoosePub
2018-10-0812+My Strange Girlfriend: Romance You ChoosePub
My Apartment Romance
2018-03-1212+My Apartment RomancePub
After School Romance
2018-03-22After School RomancePub & Dev
Summer of Memories
2018-04-1012+Summer of MemoriesPub & Dev
The House of Silence
2018-05-1312+The House of SilencePub & Dev
My Hotel Romance
2018-06-1512+My Hotel RomancePub & Dev
The Chain Witches
2018-06-1512+The Chain WitchesPub & Dev
Deal to my Heart
2018-07-08Deal to my HeartPub & Dev
Twilight Lovers
2018-07-1212+Twilight LoversPub & Dev
My Devil Girlfriend
2018-07-1212+My Devil GirlfriendPub & Dev
2018-08-2412+My Devil GirlfriendPub & Dev
My Cat Girlfriend
2018-08-1412+My Cat GirlfriendPub & Dev
2018-10-1912+My Cat GirlfriendPub & Dev
My Fake Marriage
2018-08-1512+My Fake MarriagePub & Dev
Lost Memories
2018-09-0712+Lost MemoriesPub & Dev
My Fake Boyfriend
2018-09-1012+My Fake BoyfriendPub & Dev
Blue Moon Princess
2018-10-0112+Blue Moon PrincessPub & Dev
My Ambitious Girlfriend
2018-10-0612+My Ambitious GirlfriendPub & Dev
My Forbidden Romance
2018-11-0812+My Forbidden RomancePub & Dev
My Animal School Romance
2018-11-0912+My Animal School RomancePub & Dev
My Sweet Shifter
2018-11-2712+My Sweet ShifterPub & Dev
My Robot Girlfriend
2018-12-0712+My Robot GirlfriendPub & Dev
2019-02-2312+My Robot GirlfriendPub & Dev
Twilight School
2018-12-1712+Twilight SchoolPub & Dev
My Mafia Girlfriend
2019-01-1212+My Mafia GirlfriendPub & Dev
2019-02-1512+My Mafia GirlfriendPub & Dev
2019-03-0312+My Mafia GirlfriendPub & Dev
Princess of the Dead
2019-01-2112+Princess of the DeadPub & Dev
Loyalty for Love
2019-02-2512+Loyalty for LovePub & Dev
My Billionaire Girlfriend
2019-03-0912+My Billionaire GirlfriendPub & Dev
2019-05-0912+My Billionaire GirlfriendPub & Dev
Phantom Hearts
2019-04-0212+Phantom HeartsPub & Dev
2019-05-1012+Phantom HeartsPub & Dev
2019-06-0712+Phantom HeartsPub & Dev
Devilish Charms
2019-04-1512+Devilish CharmsPub & Dev
Twilight Blood
2019-04-1512+Twilight BloodPub & Dev
Doctor's Orders
2019-05-0812+Doctor's OrdersPub & Dev
My Dragon Girlfriend
2019-05-0812+My Dragon GirlfriendPub & Dev
2019-06-1912+My Dragon GirlfriendPub & Dev
Heart of the Fox
2019-05-1612+Heart of the FoxPub & Dev
Death Game
2019-05-1612+Death GamePub & Dev
2019-06-1212+Death GamePub & Dev
2019-06-2912+Death GamePub & Dev
My Kemono Girlfriend
2019-05-3012+My Kemono GirlfriendPub & Dev
Angelic Kisses
2019-05-3012+Angelic KissesPub & Dev
A Kiss from Death
2019-06-1012+A Kiss from DeathPub & Dev
My Magical Girlfriends
2019-06-1612+My Magical GirlfriendsPub & Dev
2019-07-1212+My Magical GirlfriendsPub & Dev
Sinful Roses
2019-06-1912+Sinful RosesPub & Dev
Supernatural Investigations
2019-06-1912+Supernatural InvestigationsPub & Dev
Everlasting Alchemists
2019-06-2612+Everlasting AlchemistsPub & Dev
My Nurse Girlfriend
2019-06-3012+My Nurse GirlfriendPub & Dev
2019-08-1412+My Nurse GirlfriendPub & Dev
Fugitive Desires
2019-07-0212+Fugitive DesiresPub & Dev
Business Affairs
2019-07-09Business AffairsPub & Dev
My Dog Girlfriend
2019-07-1512+My Dog GirlfriendPub & Dev
Yaoi Beast Boys
2019-07-2012+Yaoi Beast BoysPub & Dev
Deceitful Devotions
2019-07-2512+Deceitful DevotionsPub & Dev
Love is a Canvas
2019-07-3012+Love is a CanvasPub & Dev
2019-09-1312+Love is a CanvasPub & Dev
Immortal Heart
2019-08-1012+Immortal HeartPub & Dev
My Crazy High School Romcom!
2019-08-2212+My Crazy High School Romcom!Pub & Dev
2019-08-2212+My Crazy High School Romcom!Pub & Dev
My Sweet Stepsisters
2019-08-2212+My Sweet StepsistersPub & Dev
2019-10-0512+My Sweet StepsistersPub & Dev
University of the Dead
2019-08-2212+University of the DeadPub & Dev
Gossip School
2019-08-24Gossip SchoolPub & Dev
Seduced by the Mafia
2019-08-3112+Seduced by the MafiaPub & Dev
Electronic Emotions
2019-08-3112+Electronic EmotionsPub & Dev
My Ninja Girlfriend
2019-09-0112+My Ninja GirlfriendPub & Dev
2019-10-2712+My Ninja GirlfriendPub & Dev
The Spellbinding Kiss
2019-09-0712+The Spellbinding KissPub & Dev
Sakura Scramble!
2019-09-1012+Sakura Scramble!Pub & Dev
2019-10-2312+Sakura Scramble!Pub & Dev
Freshman Fantasies
2019-09-1512+Freshman FantasiesPub & Dev
The House of Grudge
2019-09-2212+The House of GrudgePub & Dev
Attack of the Dead
2019-09-2612+Attack of the DeadPub & Dev
My Elf Girlfriend
2019-09-27My Elf GirlfriendPub & Dev
Making the Perfect Wedding
2019-09-3012+Making the Perfect WeddingPub & Dev
The Fate of Wonderland
2019-10-1212+The Fate of WonderlandPub & Dev
My Zombie Girlfriend
2019-10-1612+My Zombie GirlfriendPub & Dev
Kiss of the Wendigo
2019-10-2012+Kiss of the WendigoPub & Dev
Destined Memories
2019-10-2612+Destined MemoriesPub & Dev
My Time Traveling Girlfriend
2019-10-3112+My Time Traveling GirlfriendPub & Dev
Steal My Heart
2019-11-0912+Steal my HeartPub & Dev
The Pet Doctor's Secret
2019-11-1612+The Pet Doctor's SecretPub & Dev
Welcome to Folklore Manor
2019-11-2012+Welcome to Folklore ManorPub & Dev
Protect my Love
2019-11-2712+Protect my LovePub & Dev
Prestigious Passions
2019-11-3012+Prestigious PassionsPub & Dev
My Rental Girlfriend
2019-12-1112+My Rental GirlfriendPub & Dev
Demigods of Destiny
2019-12-1512+Demigods of DestinyPub & Dev
Nocturne of Nightmares
2019-12-2412+Nocturne of NightmaresPub & Dev
My Mermaid Girlfriend
2019-12-2512+My Mermaid GirlfriendPub & Dev
Kiss of Darkness
2020-01-0512+Kiss of DarknessPub & Dev
She's My Vampire
2020-01-0812+She's My VampirePub & Dev
2020-01-2412+She's My VampirePub & Dev
Mall of the Dead
2020-01-1812+Mall of the DeadPub & Dev
My Ghost Girlfriend
2020-01-2215+My Ghost GirlfriendPub & Dev
My Mystic Dragons
2020-01-2512+My Mystic DragonsPub & Dev
Doki Doki Sweets Girlfriend
2020-01-31Doki Doki Sweets GirlfriendPub & Dev
Devil Beauty & Animal Cuties!
2020-02-04Devil Beauty & Animal Cuties!Pub & Dev
Dances with Destiny
2020-02-08Dances with DestinyPub & Dev
My Video Game Girlfriend
2020-02-12My Video Game GirlfriendPub & Dev
Death School
2020-02-20All agesDeath SchoolPub & Dev
In Between Love & Death
2020-02-22In Between Love & DeathPub & Dev
Be Her Hero
2020-02-2612+Be Her HeroPub & Dev
Twilight Crusade
2020-02-27Twilight CrusadePub & Dev
Lethal Engagements
2020-03-0815+Lethal EngagementsPub & Dev
Fateful Forces
2020-03-1215+Fateful ForcesPub & Dev
Spellbound Schoolgirls!
2020-03-1515+Spellbound Schoolgirls!Pub & Dev
Moonlight Wishes
2020-03-23All agesMoonlight WishesPub & Dev
Supernatural Sweethearts
2020-03-27All agesSupernatural SweetheartsPub & Dev
The Swords of First Light
2020-04-0415+The Swords of First LightPub & Dev
Save Her From the Zombies!
2020-04-11All agesSave Her From the Zombies!Pub & Dev
Love is Our Specialty!
2020-04-22All agesLove is Our Specialty!Pub & Dev
Starlit Promises
2020-05-0212+Starlit PromisesPub & Dev
My Elemental Girlfriend
2020-05-0612+My Elemental GirlfriendPub & Dev
My Wolf Girlfriend
2020-05-2012+My Wolf GirlfriendPub & Dev
The Chains of Enchantment
2020-05-2112+The Chains of EnchantmentPub & Dev
Twilight Fangs
2020-05-3112+Twilight FangsPub & Dev
It's a Dog's Love
2020-06-1312+It's a Dog's LovePub & Dev
An Otaku like me has 2 Fiancees?!
2020-06-1712+An Otaku like me has 2 Fiancees?!Pub & Dev
Vows of Eternity
2020-06-2612+Vows of EternityPub & Dev
My High School Detective
2020-06-3012+My High School DetectivePub & Dev
My Angel Girlfriend
2020-07-0212+My Angel GirlfriendPub & Dev
Haunted Heartbeats
2020-07-1412+Haunted HeartbeatsPub & Dev
Mystery of the Murderous Dreams
2020-07-1512+Mystery of the Murderous DreamsPub & Dev
My Reaper Girlfriend
2020-07-2012+My Reaper GirlfriendPub & Dev
Awakening of the Eclipse
2020-07-2412+Awakening of the EclipsePub & Dev
Time Only Knows
2020-07-3012+Time Only KnowsPub & Dev
My Assassin High School
2020-08-0512+My Assassin High SchoolPub & Dev
Sins of the Everlasting Twilight
2020-08-0812+Sins of the Everlasting TwilightPub & Dev
My Fairy Girlfriend
2020-08-1512+My Fairy GirlfriendPub & Dev
Soul of Yokai
2020-08-2312+Soul of YokaiPub & Dev
2020-08-2312+Soul of YokaiPub & Dev
Class of the Living Dead
2020-08-2712+Class of the Living DeadPub & Dev
My Princess Girlfriend
2020-09-0212+My Princess GirlfriendPub & Dev
Be My Match
2020-10-1012+Be My MatchPub & Dev
Shisha - The Lost Souls
2020-10-1712+Shisha - The Lost SoulsPub & Dev
Locker of Death
2020-11-0412+Locker of DeathPub & Dev
My Devil Lovers
2020-11-0612+My Devil LoversPub & Dev
2020-12-1812+My Devil LoversPub & Dev
My Sweet Puppy Love
2020-11-1412+My Sweet Puppy LovePub & Dev
Re: High School
2020-11-1612+Re: High SchoolPub & Dev
Adventurous Hearts
2020-12-0412+Adventurous HeartsPub & Dev
Gangs of the Magic Realm
2020-12-0512+Gangs of the Magic RealmPub & Dev
My Foxy Girlfriend
2020-12-1312+My Foxy GirlfriendPub & Dev
My Charming Butler
2020-12-1812+My Charming ButlerPub & Dev
Sister Splash!
2020-12-1812+Sister Splash!Pub & Dev
The Lost Fate of the Oni
2020-12-2212+The Lost Fate of the OniPub & Dev
Stepsister Shock!
2021-01-0612+Stepsister Shock!Pub & Dev