Japanese Company
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Succeeded by: Yukari
Parent producer: Nexton

Defunct, went on to establish Yukari.



2001-02-23C' ~Can't Live Without You~(developer, publisher)
2001-02-2318+   C' ~Can't Live Without You~developer, publisher 
2012-07-0618+   C' ~Can't Live Without You~ Download Editiondeveloper, publisher
2012-08-0318+   C' ~Can't Live Without You~developer 
2001-08-24Kizumono no Gakuen(developer, publisher)
2001-08-2418+   Kizumono no Gakuen - First Press Editiondeveloper, publisher2 
2002-02-2218+   Kizumono no Gakuen - Regular Editiondeveloper, publisher 
2007-06-0118+   Bishoujo Game Best Series - Kizumono no Gakuendeveloper, publisher
2012-08-0318+   Kizumono no Gakuendeveloper, publisher2 
2002-04-19Eguchi Kenkyuushitsu(developer, publisher)
2002-04-1918+   Eguchi Kenkyuushitsudeveloper, publisher1 
2002-11-22Kizumono no Gakuen 2 ~Case of Saint Spica~(developer, publisher)
2002-11-2218+   Kizumono no Gakuen 2 ~Case of Saint Spica~ First Press Editiondeveloper, publisher
2003-05-2918+   Kizumono no Gakuen 2 ~Case of Saint Spica~ DVDPG Editiondeveloper, publisher
2003-11-2118+   Kizumono no Gakuen 2 ~Case of Saint Spica~ Regular Editiondeveloper, publisher
2006-10-0618+   Bishoujo Game Best Series - Kizumono no Gakuen 2 ~Case of Saint Spica~ Regular Editiondeveloper, publisher
2003-08-22Mahou Tenshi Misaki(developer, publisher)
2003-08-2218+   Mahou Tenshi Misakideveloper, publisher1 
2006-10-1618+   Bishoujo Game Best Series - Mahou Tenshi Misakideveloper, publisher
2012-12-2118+   Mahou Tenshi Misaki - Download Editiondeveloper, publisher
2003-12-12Kizumono no Shoujo -Kizumono no Gakuen Gaiden-(developer, publisher)
2003-12-1218+   Kizumono no Shoujo -Kizumono no Gakuen Gaiden-developer, publisher
2004-07-16Assault Angel Canon(developer, publisher)
2004-07-1618+   Assault Angel Kanondeveloper, publisher1 
2005-01-21Cafe Aqua(developer, publisher)
2005-01-2118+   Cafe AQUAdeveloper, publisher
2005-08-12Rinkan ~Kizumono no Imouto~(developer, publisher)
2005-08-1218+   Rinkan ~Kizumono no Imouto~developer, publisher2 
2006-12-2118+   Rinkan -Kizumono no Imouto- DVDPGdeveloper
2007-06-0118+   Bishoujo Game Best Series - Rinkan ~Kizumono no Imouto~developer, publisher
2006-02-0318+   Himemikopublisher1 
2007-08-0318+   Bishoujo Game Best Series - Himemikopublisher
2006-10-20Mahou Tenshi Misaki 2(developer, publisher)
2006-10-2018+   Mahou Tenshi Misaki 2developer, publisher1 
2007-03-16Kizumono no Gakuen 3 -Heaven's Door-(developer, publisher)
2007-03-1618+   Kizumono no Gakuen 3 -Heaven's Door-developer, publisher
2008-06-2718+   Kizumono no Gakuen 3 -Heaven's Door- Download Editiondeveloper, publisher
2008-07-0418+   Bishoujo Game Best Series - Kizumono no Gakuen 3 -Heaven's Door-developer, publisher