Wayi International Digital Entertainment Co., Ltd.


Chinese Company
a.k.a. Hua Yi, Hwaei, Waei

Wayi International Digital Entertainment (traditional Chinese: 華義, Hua Yi, also known as Hwaei and Waei) is a Taiwanese company based in Taipei. The company was founded on August 12th, 1993. During the 1990s they focused on translating and porting Japanese PC-98 games to DOS. Afterwards they began to concentrate almost exclusively on online role-playing games.

[from MobyGames]



1994Sei Shoujo Sentai Lakers(publisher)
199418+   Sheng Shaonv Zhanduipublisher
1995-07-10Sei Shoujo Sentai Lakers II(publisher)
1995-07-1018+   Sheng Shaonv Zhandui IIpublisher
199518+   Liwupublisher
1995Present 2(publisher)
199518+   Liwupublisher
1996-09-15Sei Shoujo Sentai Lakers III(publisher)
1996-09-1518+   Sheng Shaonv Zhandui IIIpublisher
1998-11Tokimeki Memorial(publisher)
1998-11   Xintiao Huiyi - Yongyuan Shuyu Nipublisher
2000Princess Memory(publisher)
200018+   Gongzhu De Huiyipublisher