Japanese Individual

Creates doujin otome game, usually with big sister/little brother relationships.



2014-04-25Yagi-san Yuubin(developer, publisher)
2014-04-25   Yagi-san Yuubindeveloper, publisher 
2014-05-18Oto Ane(developer, publisher)
2014-05-18All ages   Oto Anedeveloper, publisher 
2014-05-20Yomogi Typologic(developer, publisher)
2014-05-2012+   Yomogi Typologicdeveloper, publisher 
2014-12-01Otouto: Nichijoukei(developer, publisher)
2014-12-01All ages   Otouto: Nichijoukeideveloper, publisher 
2014-12-14Present o Kimi ni(developer, publisher)
2014-12-14All ages   Present o Kimi nideveloper, publisher 
2015-04-04Watashi no Alice(developer, publisher)
2015-04-04   Watashi no Alicedeveloper, publisher 
2015-07-08Tanabata Kyoudai no Hanashi.(developer, publisher)
2015-07-08   Tanabata Kyoudai no Hanashi.developer, publisher 
2015-12-01Senpai wa Kouhai no Pantsu ga Shinpai Desu!(developer, publisher)
2015-12-01   Senpai wa Kouhai no Pantsu ga Shinpai Desu!developer, publisher 
2016-08-18Otouto to, Natsumatsuri nite.(developer, publisher)
2016-08-18   Otouto to, Natsumatsuri nite.developer, publisher 
2016Hinashio Valentine(developer, publisher)
2016    Hinashio Valentinedeveloper, publisher
2017-03-31Shigatsu no Sakana to Tsubomi no Sakura(developer, publisher)
2017-03-31   Shigatsu no Sakana to Tsubomi no Sakuradeveloper, publisher