English Amateur group
a.k.a. Watercress Studios
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Watercress is an independent, global team
working together to create interactive experiences.



2014-12-08Lull(developer, publisher)
2014-12-08      Lulldeveloper, publisher 
2015-03-31Palinurus(developer, publisher)
2015-03-31     Palinurusdeveloper, publisher1 
2016-12-09All ages     Palinurus - Steam Editiondeveloper, publisher2 
2015-12-30Seeds of Sylvia(developer, publisher)
2015-12-30     Seeds of Sylviadeveloper, publisher1 
2016-04-08Fare Thee Well(developer, publisher)
2016-04-08     Fare Thee Welldeveloper, publisher3 
2017-04-03Our Home.(developer, publisher)
2017-04-0313+     Our Home.developer, publisher1 
2017-12-10Ah! My Girlfriend is a Demon Summoned from the Depths of Hell!(developer, publisher)
2017-12-10     Ah! My Girlfriend is a Demon Summoned from the Depths of Hell!developer, publisher1 
2018-04-01Cautionary Tale(developer, publisher)
2018-04-0112+     Cautionary Taledeveloper, publisher1 
2019-04-01This Was for You.(developer, publisher)
2019-04-01    this was for you.developer, publisher3