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Unwonted Studios

Amateur group
Primary language: English
Official website - VNStat

A small indie game studio created in 2015.


No One But You
2015-07-13All agesNo One But You - DemoDev
2016-01-1916+No One But You - Download EditionPub & Dev
2016-06-0918+No One But You - Adult VersionDev
2016-06-1618+No One But You - 18+ Patch (patch)Pub & Dev
2017-10-2716+No One But You - Package EditionDev
Written in the Sky
2015-10-1718+Written in the SkyDev
2015-10-1713+Written in the SkyDev
2015-12-25Sickness DemoPub
Catch Canvas
2016-03-15Catch Canvas - DemoPub & Dev
2016-10-14Catch Canvas - Steam EditionDev
TBACatch Canvas - Download EditionPub & Dev
TBACatch Canvas - Kickstarter Exclusive Physical EditionPub & Dev
Wander No More
2016-04-17Wander No MorePub
2017-01-26Wander No MorePub
Warped Reality
2017-09-23Warped Reality - DemoPub & Dev
TBAAll agesWarped RealityPub & Dev