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Primary language: English
Official website - VNStat

English language visual novel developer and producer, with a focus on dark-comedy, military themes, and straight up parody.


Panzermadels: Tank Dating Simulator
2016-03-0912+Panzermadels: Tank Dating SimulatorPub & Dev
2017-04-1718+Panzermadels: Full Frontal Assault Patch (patch)Pub & Dev
Maid Mansion
2016-11-1518+Maid Mansion - DemoPub
2016-11-1718+Maid Mansion - DemoPub
Stay! Stay! Democratic People's Republic of Korea!
2017-05-1116+Stay! Stay! Democratic People's Republic of KoreaPub & Dev
2017-06-2218+Stay! Stay! Democratic People's Republic of Korea - 18+ Patch (patch)Pub & Dev
Bunka no Kenkyū -Revival of Queen Leyak-
2017-12-0116+Bunka no Kenkyū -Revival of Queen Leyak- Acts 1 & 2Pub
Attack Helicopter Dating Simulator
2018-09-2712+Attack Helicopter Dating SimulatorPub
Azure Wing: Rising Gale
2019-04-0418+Azure Wing: Rising GalePub
Cherry Blossom Sellout
TBA18+Cherry Blossom SelloutPub & Dev
Kinetic Love Days
TBA17+Kinetic Love DaysPub
Mein Waifu Is the Führer
TBA16+Mein Waifu is the FührerPub & Dev
TBA18+Mein Waifu is the FührerDev
TBA18+Mein Waifu is the Führer - Banned in Deutschland EditionPub & Dev
Neko Club
TBANeko Club - Download EditionPub & Dev
TBANeko Club - Package EditionPub & Dev
Our Feelings
TBA18+Our Feelings - 18+ Patch (patch)Pub
TBA13+Our Feelings - DLC (patch)Pub
TBA13+Our Feelings - Download EditionPub
TBAOur Feelings - Package EditionPub
She Wolves of the Reich
TBA18+She Wolves of the ReichPub & Dev
Snuff Flag -Arui wa Suiren e Hikari ga Sasu You ni-
TBA15+Snuff Flag - Or Like Light on a Water LilyPub
Where Poppies Grow
TBA12+Where Poppies Grow - DemoPub