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Lizard Hazard Games

Amateur group
Primary language: English
Official website - VNStat

A small indie game company from Finland. The company CEO and project leader is Salli Loikkanen, and that's technically the whole company, but in reality there's always more people working on Lizard Hazard projects.


Our War Everlasting
2015-07-0517+Our War Everlasting (Mature)Pub & Dev
2015-07-0513+Our War Everlasting (Safe)Pub & Dev
2018-08-31LoveBugPub & Dev
Your Royal Gayness
2019-02-21AllYour Royal Gayness 2.0Pub & Dev
Lovingly Evil
2020-06-16Lovingly Evil - DemoDev
2020-08-19Lovingly EvilDev