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a.k.a. ネットビレッジ



2000-03-30EVE Zero(publisher)
2000-03-30All ages   Eve Zeropublisher 
2000-03-30All ages   Eve Zero - Limited Editionpublisher 
2001-03-22All ages   Eve Zero - Complete Editionpublisher
2001-12-06All ages   Eve Zero - GameVillage the Bestpublisher 
2001-03-16Mermaid no Kisetsu(developer, publisher)
2001-03-16All ages   Mermaid no Kisetsu - Regular Editiondeveloper, publisher
2001-12-13   Mermaid no Kisetsudeveloper, publisher
2001-09-27Eve: The Fatal Attraction(publisher)
2001-09-2713+   Eve: The Fatal Attraction - Regular Editionpublisher 
2001-09-2713+   Eve: The Fatal Attraction - Limited Editionpublisher 
2003-01-2313+   Eve: The Fatal Attraction - GameVillage the Best Vol. 2publisher 
2002-08-01Mermaid no Kisetsu ~Curtain Call~(publisher)
2002-08-0112+   Mermaid no Kisetsu ~Curtain Call~publisher
2003-03-27EVE: The Lost One(publisher)
2003-03-2715+   Eve The Lost Onepublisher 
2003-07-24Eve: Burst Error(publisher)
2003-07-2415+   Eve: Burst Error Plus - Limited DVD Box Editionpublisher 
2003-07-2415+   Eve: Burst Error Plus - Regular Editionpublisher 
2005-03-2415+   Eve: Burst Error Plus - Game Village the Bestpublisher