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Hello. My name is KEXBOY. I am developer. I make a living drawing stuff and making games for grown-ups.



2015-08-08Hen-Party(developer, publisher)
2015-08-0818+    Hen-Partydeveloper, publisher 
2015-08-0818+    Hen-Partydeveloper, publisher 
2015-09-09Wedding(developer, publisher)
2015-09-0918+     Weddingdeveloper, publisher 
2016-01-01iNeedU. Meeting with Angela.(publisher)
2016-01-0118+      iNeedU. Meeting with Angela.publisher 
2016-05-01The Last Weekend(developer, publisher)
2016-05-0118+     The Last Weekend (Demo)developer, publisher3 
2017-02-1418+    The Last Weekend - Uncensored Editiondeveloper, publisher 
2017-03-03      The Last Weekend - Censored Editiondeveloper, publisher3 
2017-03-0318+    The Last Weekend - Add Language Pack (CH) (patch)developer, publisher 
2017-03-0318+    The Last Weekend - Add Language Pack (RU) (patch)developer, publisher 
2018-05-27Magic Slavery(developer, publisher)
2018-05-2718+     Magic Slaverydeveloper, publisher2 
2018-12-0118+   Magic Slaverydeveloper, publisher 
2019-10-08Hazard: Magical Girdle(developer, publisher)
2019-10-0818+     Hazard: Magical Girdledeveloper, publisher2 
2019-10-2818+   Hazard: Magical Girdledeveloper, publisher2