Yaoi Forever

English Amateur group
a.k.a. Yaoiforever

Group stemming from Aarinfantasy. Translates Yaoi games into english. Title is mainly a moniker and refers to any translation from Aarinfantasy regardless of group members.



2009-07-18Lamento Treasure Disc(publisher)
2009-07-18All ages   Lamento Treasure Disc (patch)publisher 
2013-05-02All ages   Lamento Treasure Disc V2 (patch)publisher 
2012-07-21Togainu no Chi(publisher)
2012-07-2118+   Togainu No Chi (patch)publisher 
2013-04-01Hadaka Shitsuji(publisher)
2013-04-0118+   Hadaka Shitsuji (patch)publisher 
2013-04-25DRAMAtical Murder(publisher)
2013-04-2518+   DRAMAtical Murder (patch)publisher 
2013-08-13Sweet Pool(publisher)
2013-08-1318+   Sweet Pool (patch)publisher 
2013-11-03DRAMAtical Murder re:connect(publisher)
2013-11-0318+   DRAMAtical Murder re:connect (patch)publisher 
2015-02-14Kichiku Megane(publisher)
2015-02-1418+   Kichiku Megane (patch)publisher 
2015-08-19Lamento -Beyond the Void-(publisher)
2015-08-1918+   Lamento -Beyond the Void- (patch)publisher