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Primary language: Japanese
Official website - VNStat

Subsidiary: Pil/Slash XXX
Parent brand: STONE HEADS Co., Ltd.

PIL/SLASH is a Japanese boy's love visual novel development company that is (in)famous for utilising dark, gory and heavy themes in their works.


Masquerade ~Jigoku Gakuen SO/DO/MU~
2006-05-2618+Masquerade ~Jigoku Gakuen SO/DO/MU~ First Press EditionPub
2007-05-1018+Masquerade ~Jigoku Gakuen SO/DO/MU~ Regular EditionPub
2010-12-2418+Masquerade - DVD EditionPub & Dev
2013-02-2218+PIL/SLASH3800 Masquerade - Complete Limited Reprint Edition with Drama CDPub & Dev
2013-02-2218+PIL/SLASH3800 MasqueradePub & Dev
2015-04-0318+Masquerade ~Jigoku Gakuen SO/DO/MU~ - Download EditionPub
Koibito Yuugi
2007-08-2418+Koibito Yuugi - First Press Limited EditionDev
2008-03-1318+Koibito Yuugi - Regular EditionDev
2010-12-2418+Koibito Yuugi - DVD EditionPub & Dev
2013-02-2218+PIL/SLASH3800 Koibito YuugiPub & Dev
2015-10-0218+PIL/SLASH3800 Koibito Yuugi - No Voice Download EditionPub
Shingakkou -Noli me tangere-
2011-03-1118+Shingakkou -Noli me tangere- Trial EditionPub & Dev
2011-03-3018+Shingakkou -Noli me tangere- First Press Limited EditionPub & Dev
2014-12-1918+Shingakkou Twin PackPub & Dev
2015-10-0218+Shingakkou -Noli me tangere- No Voice Download EditionPub
Shingakkou Banchou
2011-05-03All agesShingakkou BanchouPub & Dev
2012-02-10All agesShingakkou Banchou Complete Edition -FULLVOICE-Pub & Dev
Shingakkou The Gift
2012-02-1018+Shingakkou The GiftPub & Dev
2014-12-1918+Shingakkou Twin PackPub & Dev
2017-11-2118+Paradise - DemoPub & Dev
2017-11-3018+ParadisePub & Dev
Paradise -MUSUBI-
2018-10-1218+Paradise -MUSUBI-Pub & Dev
Paradise -KIWAME-
2019-07-19Paradise -KIWAME- Trial EditionPub & Dev
2019-07-2618+Paradise -KIWAME-Pub & Dev
Dystopia no Ou
2021-04-3018+Dystopia no OuPub