Japanese Company
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Parent producer: eants
Imprint: Ribbon Magic

Creates otome games.



2004-12-17Dessert Love -Kare to no Hajimari-(developer, publisher)
2004-12-1718+   Dessert Love -Kare to no Hajimari-developer, publisher 
2006-02-2315+   Dessert Love -Sweet Plus-developer 
2007-01-1815+   Dessert Love -Sweet Plus- Best Editiondeveloper2 
2011-08-2618+   Dessert Love -Kare to no Hajimari- Download Editiondeveloper, publisher2 
2005-11-25Purelover Flavor ~Hajimari no Basho~(developer, publisher)
2005-11-2518+   Purelover Flavor ~Hajimari no Basho~ DVD-ROM Editiondeveloper, publisher 
2005-11-2518+   Purelover Flavor ~Hajimari no Basho~ CD-ROM Editiondeveloper, publisher 
2006-08-25Pretty Flap ~Chocolate Taste~(developer, publisher)
2006-08-2518+   Pretty Flap ~Chocolate Taste~developer, publisher 
2011-11-1118+   Pretty Flap ~Chocolate Taste~ Download Editiondeveloper, publisher2 
2006-12-29Pretty Flap ~Chocola Taste~(developer, publisher)
2006-12-2918+   Pretty Flap ~Chocola Taste~developer, publisher2 
2011-11-2518+   Pretty Flap ~Chocola Taste~ Download Editiondeveloper, publisher2