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Are you a dreamer?

At Dreamgazer, prepare to find stories full of dreams. There are many names for them - visual novels, Choose Your Own Adventures, gamebooks. Essentially, interactive picture books for young adults. These are the dreams of one person, but they can be yours, too.

Let's make dreams reality.

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2015-11-01Death Room(developer, publisher)
2015-11-0113+     Death Roomdeveloper, publisher1 
2015-12-1018+   Death Roomdeveloper 
2016-01-01War: 13th Day(developer, publisher)
2016-01-0114+     War: 13th Daydeveloper, publisher1 
2016-02-15War: Valentine Edition(developer, publisher)
2016-02-1513+     War: Valentine Editiondeveloper, publisher1 
2016-03-31Ready, Set, Parody!(developer, publisher)
2016-03-3113+     Ready, Set, Parody!developer, publisher1 
2016-11-02Beauty and the War ~X Playing Pieces~(developer, publisher)
2016-11-02     Beauty and the War ~X Playing Pieces~ Demodeveloper, publisher1